Google Blogger vs WordPress which is best in detail


Google Blogger vs WordPress – You want to create a blog. But you don’t know which WordPress hosting or google Blogger hosting should be used as your blog platform?

And what are their advantages and disadvantages? To know these questions, read this article completely. Here we will tell you the drawbacks and properties of blogger vs WordPress comparison.

How to make money as a blogger? Today we will also tell about blogger vs wordpress for making money, which one is good to earn money. Which platform should you choose?

Both are the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet. Here you can easily create a blog of your own. But still, there are some major differences. Both have their pros and cons.

Here, I’m gonna compare google Blogger vs WordPress and show the differences that matter. I will help you decide which platform is better according to your blog and your needs.

What are the features of the blog platform?

Before starting the Blogger Vs WordPress  comparison, I would like to suggest that you must keep in mind some important things below when choosing a blog platform.

Easy to use: You should choose a platform for your blog in which blogs can be set up quickly and easily, adding content is also easy. That is to be easy to use in every way.

Flexibility: You need to choose a platform that allows you to expand your blog by adding as many features as you can to make it more convenient or more resources are available for your features.

Monetization option:  How blogger make money? If you want to earn money online using your blog, then you have to take care that chooses a platform that definitely has options for monetization.

Help and Support: You also need to keep in mind that while creating, designing, or managing your blog, some type of help and support may also be needed, so choose a hosting provider that provides the help and support you need.

Also, you should keep in mind that its cost is also low, provides good options for blog design, and also helps in search engine optimization services or  SEO techniques, etc.

Let’s compare whether WordPress vs Blogger meets these requirements. Also, find out what is lacking and which is the best web hosting for creating a blog.

Perhaps you are not aware that WordPress and Blogger are the two most used blogging management platforms in the world.

According to the data available by a survey, WordPress is used in about 3 out of 10 websites and Blogger is also the second most popular platform used by about 1 out of 10 blogs.

WordPress’s popularity has been growing steadily since 2005, beating Blogger.

What is a WordPress?

Here we are going to talk about’s self-hosted blogging platform and not about

Source: Pixabay

These are two different websites created by the same company. provides you hosting to store the data of your website while provides you software to design, develop, run and manage the website. started in the year 2003. It is a free open source software using which you can easily create a website or blog online. Also, you can download and use it to build many websites.

To create a blog on it, a hosting plan and a domain name will be required, which you can buy from or any other website and you have to install on

What is a Blogger?

Google blogger is also the best blogging platform to start a blog for free of cost.

It was produced by Pyra Labs in 1999 and was purchased by Google in 2003, and they redesigned it. This is a free blogging service provided by Google thats why it is also called google blogger.

Source: Pixabay

Blogger is a blogging platform that provides a free blog hosting service and also offers domain names for free. It provides you the facility to create a website completely free.

For example, your blogger blogs web address will look like this:

However, it also allows you to associate your blog with a custom domain name. But for this, you have to buy the domain name. You can buy this domain name from Google Blogger’s own website or from any other domain seller website.

Blogger Vs WordPress — Which is better?

Here we will compare the difference between Blogger Vs WordPress through a list of pros and cons. With the help of these blogging tips, it will be easy to decide which platform is right for your needs.

Blogger Pros:

Free Services: It offers absolutely free web hosting for a lifetime, which may be the biggest reason that initially attracts most bloggers.

Easy Blogger Templates Editor: Blogger theme are frameworks which visible to the user of your google blogger. If you are using Blogger, you can easily make changes to the appearance of your blog’s structure according to your or your user’s usage, using the template editor. You do not even need any type of HTML or CSS to use the template editor.

Easy to Use: Even if you do not know web designing, but if you have little knowledge of computers and the internet, then you can easily use Blogger blogs to design your website.

Security: Because Google is the owner of Blogger, Google is responsible for your security, and for this reason, it is considered incredibly secure. Keep your password secure, as long as your password is safe, your blog is virtually hacker-proof.

 Integration:  Because the blogger is owned by Google and therefore integrates well with other Google products.

Excellent uptime: because Blogger is a product from Google that is supposed to be fast and reliable. It will never let your blog down.

Unlimited Bandwidth: How many users can use a website at the same time, it is called the bandwidth of the website or web hosting. Other web hosting providers give you limited bandwidth. If you have more users on the website at the same time, it will crash.

Then you have to upgrade the bandwidth of the website, for which you will have to pay some cost.

But Google Blogger gives you unlimited bandwidth for free throughout your life, that is, no matter how many users come to your website at the same time, it will never crash.

Unlimited Storage: Google Blogger provides unlimited storage to your website, that is, you can publish more and more content on your website because there is no storage limit.

Blogger Cons

No plugins — If you want to do some enhancements to your web page, you can also use plugins but you don’t get this feature in google blogger.

Limited customization: If you want to do some major enhancements or customization then you must have experience in HTML and CSS.


Ownership of blog: you can control whatever content you have on Blogger, but Google Blogger has certain terms and conditions according to which Google has the freedom to use its content for your services. They can also change or disable your features and functionalities.

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WordPress Pros:

Ownership of blog: You are the owner of the WordPress blog and all its contents. Here you have all the rights and ownership of all the material you have uploaded. You can control it according to you and the user.

Customization and wordpress plugins: You are free to edit HTML, CSS, and PHP to create your blog and here you get thousands of wordpress plugins that you can use to enhance the functionality of the blog. As you or your web page user wants.

Easy installation: To use it, you have to install WordPress for your web hosting and its installation is very easy. You can install it in one click with the help of its hosting support service.

Community Help: There is a large WordPress community available to help/support you. If you raise any type of questions in your mind or face any problem while using this platform, you can find answers to your questions in the WordPress community, here you get the answer within a few hours.

Themes free for wordpress: A large selection of free theme for wordpress are available. But you should avoid using free theme for wordpress because many of them are poorly coded, lack features and support, some may even contain harmful codes. If you do this, you should stick to the WordPress Themes directory.

Web Designer: There is a large group of designers available to help you design and develop your blog.

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WordPress Cons:

Cost: You must have a domain name and hosting service for a WordPress blog. You have to pay for the domain name and WordPress hosting services through a third-party site such as Blue host, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. It means that there is no free hosting.

Learning curve:  Because there are many features available in the WordPress dashboard that take some time to learn. So it is believed that it may take some time to familiarize yourself with its dashboard interface.


Security: Unfortunately, WordPress is very weak in terms of security, making it a target for hackers. But you can use some steps that can make your WordPress blog more secure.

Backup: Always keep a backup of the blog because you are always responsible for it. Since your WordPress blog can be hacked at any time, you should have a recent backup of the blog available.

Comparison between Blogger Vs WordPress:

Features Blogger WordPress
Owner Google Inc. Automatic, Inc.
Storage for Post You can publish unlimited posts It will give you only 3GB
Storage for Photo, Videos On Picasa 1GB and On Google+ 15GB Only 3GB
One File Size limit 1GB 2.5GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Limited with cost
Third-Party Plugins No Yes
Google analytics Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Yes Yes
Add Script or codes Yes Yes
Cost Free Pay yearly for services and no free  hosting


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference Blogger vs WordPress?

Both use the same platform and both are open source. Blogger is a product of Google. The WordPress platform has been created by the WordPress community.
Both values according to their quality which we discussed above both have better flexibility, but WordPress has more features, more themes, and more control. If you look at the cost, then you have to pay annually in WordPress, the same Google Blogger is absolutely free. 

2. Can I transfer Blogger to WordPress?

Yes, you can transfer from Google Blogger to WordPress at any time. This will not affect your blog ranking nor will your Google AdSense account be affected.

Below are the steps to migrate Blogger to WordPress

Follow them carefully.

Note: First of all, don’t forget to backup your blogger website. you must keep this in mind

1. Your website has to be backed up as it is, if you have put a custom domain, then it should never be removed.

2. Even after taking a backup, the Custom Domain is not to be deleted. nor delete any post

3. So that you can upload Blogger backup to WordPress.

a) Log in to WordPress.
b) Go to Tools > Import.
c) Find Blogger in the list (it should be the first option at the top of the list)
c) Now click on Install Now and wait for few seconds for WordPress dashboard to install the plugin and it is done.

४. Use Redirection WordPress Plugins to save your ranking and redirect your Google Blogger URL to new WordPress URL one by one, otherwise you may lose your website ranking and traffic.

3. How to make money as a blogger?

Yes, you can earn money from Blogger, but for this, you have to place advertisements on the blog which earns you through the cost per click (pay per click) on the advertisement.

How blogger make money? If You want to earn money online with blogging first start a blog like travel blogging, food blogging, fashion blogger, lifestyle blog, tech blogs and write blog post for your blog. It may be a wordpress blogs or google blogger sites.

These ads are banners that you display along with the content of your website. When a user clicks on an advertisement, you earn money for that click.

For advertising, you can get your blog approved from any advertising website like Google AdSense,, Infolinks, Taboola, Propeller ads, etc.

What are blogger pages?

Blogger Pages – These are independent of the post and are more stable. They do not have any out date content whereas blogger posts get old day by day as they need to be updated. Blogger pages are generally used for information that you want to share with readers but do not need to be updated frequently. In the same way it works in WordPress as well.

4. Why do most bloggers fail?

There are many reasons why most bloggers fail, such as lack of passion, no time for blogging, lack of patience, and not writing good content, because he started blogging by seeing a popular blogger making money from blogging in five figures.

They moved to a blog only because of money. But to earn money from blogging, you have to write good content and win the user’s trust and fascinate only then you can become popular.

Only then you can earn money from blogging, but for this, you must have both passion and patience.

Is blogger or WordPress better?

Blogger vs wordpress for making money – If you want to earn money from blogging then there is no better option than WordPress. It is not that money cannot be earned by blogging from blogger, but doing this is a bit difficult in blogger. Because WordPress is better in Blogger vs WordPress. You have to spend money for WordPress but Blogger is absolutely free.



According to me if you have money to spend on your website then you should go for a WordPress blog because it is very flexible i.e.
Here you get plugins for every enhancement or customization. Also, Google rank first wordpress blog than blogger Blog.
If you cannot spend money on your website or you are a student, then you should go with Google Blogger because here you get the platform to build a website without spending money.
But to do enhancements or customizations in it, you need HTML and Must have knowledge of CSS.

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