How To Compress Big Video File Without Losing Quality

Compress any Video File Without Losing Its Quality

Compress video file: The most effective method to pack expansive video documents without losing quality: Understanding the nuts and bolts of video pressure. Video pressure essentials chip away at the way that human eyes can’t see much distinction as far as hues as much as should be obvious the distinction as far as shine. Comparative-looking hues are swapped for one basic-looking option. This is only one segment. Aside from this, the edge rates are decreased to an absolute minimum of 15 FPS or so to keep up unmistakable quality yet lose some additional information from the document.

Why Video File Size is Important?

In a previous couple of years, as high resolution, HD, and 4K video documents became the same old, the satisfaction of the average video file dramatically improved. But with these advantages, there are also some challenges. The common video file size elevated, and it has become tougher to ship it to a chum online, share/add it to video websites fast or even simply casting it to our favorite video streamer (Such as Google Chromecast). As an example, when you have a 1GB video record and also you need to upload it to an internet site at a charge of 500KB/s, you’ll become waiting about 35 minutes. That’s a bummer.

What Are the Factors That Responsible Video File Size?

There are many elements that impact the final video report size. Some of them are associated with the quality of the video, including the bitrate, the frame charge, and many more elements. Others are more layout/codec related, which really define what’s the video record format (AVI / MP4 / FLV / MKV, etc.) and which codec is used to compress the video report (H.264, H.265, and so forth.).Each format is used for one-of-a-kind use cases, however, inside the general use case, we advocate applying the MP4 layout with H.264 codec. This mixture will provide a great blend of compression and video excellent so you can come to be with the exceptional video exceptional, at the same time as preserving the video report length to the minimum required. There are many online video compressors are available. But it 

 Download Handbrake 

Compress mp4 File Without Losing Its Quality:

So what are we able to do to decrease/compress the video record size, without losing any first-class you’re asking? We recommend simply convert the video document to MP4, with an H.264 codec. That movement will save you 40% to 100% of the fil size, without losing any great quality.

How to use Handbrake:-

1. Download and install Handbrake from the given link. Open it on your PC.

2. Click on the ‘source’ tab in the menu of the handbrake. A new tab will appear.

3. Then Click on ‘file to open a single video file in HandBrake.

4. If the video file is open in the handbrake you will see the file name and video length below the ‘Source’ tab.

5. After this, you click on the ‘browse’ in the destination and choose the path for the output video file where you want to save the file.

6. Then choose ‘Mp4’ in the ‘Output settings’.

7. Also, check a tick on ‘Web optimized’ for better performance of the handbrake.

8. After all the above steps in ‘output settings’ and see ‘Cropping’. Under the ‘Cropping’ you will see ‘Left, Right, Top, Bottom’ this is the picture size setting of the video, and make sure these values are zero. If one of them is not zero then click on ‘custom’ under ‘cropping’ and make all values zero.


9. After this click on the ‘Video’ tab under ‘output settings’.

10. You see quality and slider this slider is for output video quality recommended that its value make sure is ’20’. If you increase the value you reduce the size and quality of the output video file.

11. After complete all steps then click on ‘start’ which is a green button below the menu bar. After some time you will get the file in the output folder with reduced size but the same video quality.

   Download Handbrake 

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