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Facts About Adolf Hitler
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Facts About Adolf Hitler: Who is Hitler and how he died? Learn about Hitler’s childhood and how Adolf Hitler rise to power. Also, Adolf Hitler’s history. What is the role of Adolf Hitler and world war 2? Who was Eva Braun?

Adolf Hitler born: He, known as the cruelest dictator, Adolf Hitler born was on 20 April 1889 in Austria. Hitler is considered the most dangerous leader in history, in front of which the whole world was shivering. He caused the most disastrous war in human history. This war was the second world war due to which millions of people lost their lives.

After world war First, where the dictatorship trend emerged. On the other hand, a Nazi party was established in Germany under Hitler. He has the same place in the history of Germany as Napoleon Bonaparte in France, Mussolini in Italy, and Mustafa Kamalpasha in Turkey.

He retained his supremacy over the Republic of Germany because of his undeniable ability, prodigious talent, and political acrimony. Hitler’s rise and attainment of power in Germany were not sudden. His power developed in the last two years. So today we will know much more facts about Adolf Hitler. So let’s start.

Adolf Hitler’s childhood :

Biography Adolf Hitler – In May 1895, when He was six years old, he was admitted to the village school. The teachers used to keep him in the discipline at school and when he came back home, his father used to take a strict attitude.

Troubled by his father’s strict attitude once ran away from home but later returned. Now his father decided to leave the city and settled in the city of Lambada, Austria.   

There was an old Catholic Church in Lambada where he went to play after school. He used to see the swastika symbol made of stones and wood in that church often. Now he often went to church, and he was determined to become a priest.

Then in 1898, his family came back to his native village Leonding forever. In 1900, Adolf Hitler’s younger brother Edmund died due to chickenpox, which caused Hitler to be deeply shocked. 

Now his confidence was broken and often started feeling depressed. On 3 January 1903, Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s father, Eloise died suddenly. Now Adolf’s performance in school was not good, so his mother removed him from school and got him admitted to Realschule (is a type of secondary school), where his performance improved.

What was Hitler’s role in World War 1 :

Adolf Hitler history: In May 1913, Hitler left Vienna the Munich and joined the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. After that when World War I have begun in August 1914, he was serving as a runner against other European powers and the US During the war, he fought on the western front of Germany with distinction.

He proved to be a brave and capable soldier, so he received the first Iron Cross honor for bravery. At this time he was wounded twice and was treated at a hospital named Pomerania. This war lasted till 1918.

How Adolf Hitler rise to power

Adolf Hitler history: Due to Germany’s defeat in world war 1, Hitler left the army in 1919 and formed his own separate party. Which was named as Nazi Party (National Socialistic Arbiter Party).

The purpose of which was to wrest all rights from the Communists and the Jews, because they believed that the Communists and the Jews were the reason for Germany’s defeat.

Due to the defeat of Germany, a sense of hatred was emerging between Hitler and other Germans. This was the reason that patriotic sentiment was overwhelmingly overwhelming among the members of the Nazi Party.     

Hitler resorted to newspapers to demonstrate his party’s principles to the public, and also prepared a troop of soldiers who wore a brown dress. In 1923, Hitler tried to overthrow the German government, but in this, he could not succeed. On February 20, 1924, Hitler was prosecuted for “treason” and sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Many Germans became members of the party when the Nazi party leader Hitler assured to correct it in his brilliant speeches due to worsening economic conditions. Hitler set a goal of reforming the land, ending the Treaty of Versailles, and improving a vast German Empire so that the Germans public could live happily.

After becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler dissolved the German Parliament. After this, he abandoned the Communist Party and said the nation to become self-supporting. Anti-Nazi men were imprisoned. Hitler took all the powers of executive and lawmaking. In 1934, he declared himself the supreme judge. After Hindenburg’s death, he also became the President of Germany.

When Adolf Hitler took control of Germany in 1933, he established a racist empire there. Jews in his empire were called sub-human and were not considered part of the human race

Role of Adolf Hitler and World War 2 :

On 1 September 1939, Hitler started World War II to establish his control over Europe. They wanted to take control of the whole of Britain, for this they entered into a treaty with many states and conquered many states. Before the war, he made a treaty with Italy in 1937 and after that he also conquered Australia.       

Hitler then made a treaty with Russia and named the eastern part of Poland Russia and gradually took control of the western part as well. After the defeat of France and making a treaty with Mussolini.

He also thought of asserting his authority over Russia and attacked it. Under the leadership of Hitler and by the inspirational plans of Hitler, the Nazi empire killed about 5.5 million Jews.

Hitler and the Nazi Empire are responsible for the 19.3 million people killed in the war and the prisoners taken in World War 2.

Facts about Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler history

1. Adolf Hitler Facts: He had a girlfriend named Eva Braun. Hitler used to take off her undressing and touching him. 

The famous writer Martin Amis believes that the Nazi leader (Hitler) was asexual. He was so obsessed with cleanliness that he did not allow Eva Braun to come to him.

Amis states that he was cleaved by Eva Braun without touching or undressing. At the Cheltenham Literature Festival, 65-year-old Amis said that Hitler’s sexuality had been a big-hole bull-puck.

2. Hitler and the Nazi Empire are responsible for the 19.3 million people who died and also for a million of the prisoners sent into World War 2

3. The Holocaust was a massacre in history in which nearly six million Jews were murdered in six years. There were 15 lakh children among them. Which is caused by Adolf Hitler

4. A British soldier saved the life of a wounded German soldier in the World War First, the name of that wounded soldier was Adolf Hitler. 

5. Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Austria but when he became president of Germany, he attacked Austria first.

6. Hitler used to give sex dolts to protect soldiers from call girls.

7. Facts about Adolf Hitler: He had not just two but only one testicle. According to information received by Alexander Historical Auctions of Stamford (AHA), Hitler used to inject bull’s semen medicines to increase his sex power. This injection consisted of a mixture of semen and some other medicines extracted from the bull’s testicles.

8. Hitler, along with some of his closest people, is believed to have committed suicide in a basement (Bunker) on 30 April 1945, just before the end of World War 2. He did all this after about 36 hours of his marriage to Eva Braun.

9What is Hitler’s Real name? His real name was “Adolph Hitler”.

10. The Olympic Games were held in Germany in 1936 during Hitler’s reign. In a hockey match played during this period, the Indian team defeated the German team 8–1.

Hitler, at the time called ‘Hockey Wizard‘, was impressed by Major Dhyanchand’s all-rounder game and offered him to play from his country; But Patriot Dhyanchand turned down this breathtaking offer without thinking anything. Hitler also offered him a high position in his army, but it was rejected by Major.

11. Adolf Hitler born: Hitler’s mother (Klara Polz) was the daughter of Hitler’s father’s distant brother, which is why she used to call him Uncle as a child. But the surprising thing is that even after spending more time in the marriage of Hitler’s father, she could not give up this habit.

12. In the German language, ‘Adolf’ means “magnificent wolf”. Hitler probably liked his name so much that he had named his secret hideout in this way – Wolves Lair, Wolf’s Headquarter. He even named his beloved German Shepard dog a wolf.

13. When Hitler was 18 years old, his parents became dear to God. His father died due to lung disease and his mother died of Breast Cancer.

14. He was badly injured twice during World War First (1914–1918). The first time he was almost blinded by the explosion of the grenade bomb and the second time he was hit by poisonous gas.

15. He was sentenced to 9 months in prison for his involvement in the 1923 ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ (an attempt to topple the German government). Here he wrote a German book called ‘Mein Kamph’ on his life in the moments of leisure, which means – my struggle.

16. You may be very surprised to know that the merciless Hitler was a vegetarian who did not eat meat-fish, who was shaking the whole world on the basis of his dictatorship. It is said that he took this decision after one of his girlfriends committed suicide.

17. It is said that there was a time when Hitler was madly in love with a Jewish girl. He used to chase him secretly. Even at that time, he had thoughts like kidnapping the girl and committing suicide.

18. The symbol of Hitler’s Nazi Party was Swastika, which is considered very holy in Sanatan Dharma.

19. Hitler’s favorite composer was Richard Wagner and his favorite film was King Kong, released in 1933. Also, his favorite actor was ‘Charlie Chaplin’, inspired by which he kept his odd little mustache, which was called ‘toothbrush mustache’.

20. Surprisingly, Hitler, who was responsible for the deaths of more than 7 crore people, was nominated for the ‘Nobel Prize for Peace’ in 1939 (though he did not receive it). Apart from this, he was also given the title of Man of the Year in 1938 by the famous ‘Times Magazine‘.

21. Adolf Hitler’s book – He had written something upside-down about India in one of his books. Hitler was embarrassed when Netaji Subhash Chandra Boss expressed his displeasure during a meeting on this and also promised to remove the disputed talk from the book.

22. Even a great scientist like Albert Einstein shifted to America after hearing the horror of Hitler’s dictatorship. Hitler’s horrific atrocities can be felt very closely by reading the book “Diary of a Young Girl”, which is based on the diary of a 15-year-old Jewish girl named Anne Frank. Facts about Saturn Rings

23. It is worth noting that Hitler, who was called a stigma in the name of humanity, also started an anti-smoking campaign in Germany. At the same time, he had also made stricter laws on cruelty to animals.

24. How Adolf Hitler died? Hitler married his girlfriend Eva Braun just hours before Hitler ended. Hitler and Brown died on 30 April 1945 in Berlin. Desperate from his possible defeat, he is believed to have shot himself while Brown had consumed poison. However, there is no strong evidence for this fact.

In addition, some historians also believe that Hitler did not die in the basement, but instead went to Argentina with Eva Braun under a secret agreement with the US, where he continued to spend an anonymous life until his death (1962).

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