Best Way to Generate Meta Tags and Submit Website In Search Engine

Generate-Meta-TagsGenerate Meta Tags and Submit Website In Search Engine. You are a blogger, have a website or blog, and want your website to be ranked first on google.

Anyone will search for material related to your website. This will rank on the first page of the search engine, then the visitor will go to your website first so that the traffic of your site will increase.

The more traffic you get, the more revenue will be. For this, you have to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it. By doing blogger SEO, visitors will come to you, so that it will get traffic and start to rank on google.

Slowly, it will come to the first page of the search engine. Today, we will discuss the ways in which we can rank our website. All the steps are given below.

1. First Generate Meta Tags for your site

What is Meta Tages? Meta Tags have been one of the most primary factors of search engine optimization. It is a have to recognize by every search engine marketing practitioner. These are the component in Google’s web page rank.
These are bits of substance that delineate a page’s substance; the meta names don’t appear on the page itself, anyway just in the page’s code.
These are some of the keywords that the search engine recognizes for the website. If you don’t create these tags, it will never be able to search by the search engine and neither will be ranked nor any visitor will be able to access it.
Therefore it is necessary to generate these tags so that they can be ranked. These tags define the content of your website. 
some bloggers are looking for meta description generators and meta tag generator for blogger tools. But there are no these types of tools.
As possible avoid these tools because homepage meta description generator and meta keywords generator tools do not generate according to your website.
So use only this website or blogger meta tag generator tool.


Procedure to create meta tags

  1. Go here for website or blogger Meta Tag Generator.
    Generate Meta Tags and Submit Website In Search Engine
  2. Here go down to the page and will see Meta tags Generator Tools. Here you can generate tags using the generator tool. If you want more information about these, you can read the complete article on this Generator tool.
  3. In this tool copy and paste the main description of your blog or website in the description box from>>settings>>Basic.
  4. Copy Meta tags description from your site to Keywords box. From>>Settings>> Search Description.
  5. Author name is the optional, type name of the website. Never change robots’ settings. Then click on Create Meta tags. Now a new dialog box will open in front of you that you will want to generate meta tags for your website or blog and click on yes.
  6. Now into the below box, you will see an HTML code this is the meta tags.
  7. Copy all code except the first line And paste this code in>> theme>>Edit HTML
  8. Paste this code below <head> tag and save the theme.
Doing so much is not enough. Now you should also submit it to all the search engines. The procedure is given below.

2. How to submit Website in All Search Engine

Why is it necessary to submit a website to a search engine? Because if you do not submit it to the search engine, it will not be able to search or indexed by the search engine.
If your website does not come into the search then there will be no traffic on this and no ad impression will occur, neither will any click nor earning. It will not be able to rank.
If you want to rank it and visitors reach it, then you will have to follow these step
Go to the below-given links to submit it to all search engines in one step.
  1. FreeWebSubmission
  2. EntireWeb
  3. ExactSeek
  4. WhatUseek
  5. ExciteWebDirectory
Click on above given five links to submit website to search engine
  1. When you open any one of these links, a new web page will open. Here you will find a list of all search engines. If you submit your website to all these search engines one by one, you will take several days. But you do not have to worry. Because through this website you can submit it in one minute and to all the search engines in one go.
  2. Here go down to the page will see a box where you paste the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website. URL is the domain name of your website with https://www.
  3. In the second box type name of your site. Name is the title of your site and also you can use the author name as the website name.
  4. In the third box type your email id, then click on the submit button.
  5. Now receive a confirmation mail on the above-given email id. Now open the email and click on a confirmation link. When you confirm this link your site starts submitting to all search engines in one submission.

Why these meta tags and search engine submissions are mandatory for our site?

If you have made your website amateur and do not want to earn from it, then it is not necessary to do all this.

But if you want to earn from it, then you will have to do all these steps because the website earns more than just ads, which gives you an ad network.

Ad network ads will only be given when traffic comes to your site and your website is ranked in Google or other search engines. Therefore it is necessary to do all this.                        

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