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Free Website Domain and Hosting-Blogger SEO

You want to make money by making a website. You will have to buy a domain name and hosting from sellers like GoDaddy, Wix, and Weebly domain, but GoDaddy and Wix domain cost is high and you do not have the money to buy it or do not want to buy it. That’s why we will tell you today how you can get a top-level domain and premium web hosting free. These will not be such a domain, this is a top-level domain on which Google Adsense also gives ads to earn money if your website’s content is unique. This web hosting will give you unlimited bandwidth and 8- 10 GB of storage approx.

 What are website domain and web hosting?

website domain: A web domain is the address of your website by which users can identify a website. it is an actual presence on the internet of a web page. It is a substitute that replaces the IP address.

Website hosting is an organization that empowers affiliations and people to post a webpage or internet site page on the website. A web hosting has, an internet facilitating expert co-op, is a commercial enterprise that gives the critical innovation and administrations to go to the site or internet site page at the Internet. Sites are facilitated on first-rate PCs, referred to as servers, or chronicled. Most web hosting organizations require which you own your domain if you want to host with them. If you do now not have a site, the web hosting corporations will help you buy one. If you purchase website hosting now you find a website host. like Wix hosting, Weebly hosting, yahoo web hosting, Squarespace domain hosting, Hostgator web hosting, etc.

 How to get Free Web Hosting?

If you need free web hosting then you can use blogger’s web hosting. It allows you unlimited bandwidth and up to 8 to 10 GB of free storage. If you buy hosting from any hosting seller, they give you limited bandwidth such as – 500MB, 800MB, etc. When your website has more traffic than this bandwidth, your site will go down. But if this site is on the blogger then it will not be as if any traffic comes as the blogger gives unlimited bandwidth.
But if you want to create a website on the blogger then you should have at least basic knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language which is essential for creating a website on the blogger). By the way, according to the website, you get a free and paid version template. You can use a template according to your wishes and content. There are many websites that give you free blogger templates. But here we suggested you the best websites with my experience, which give you free version blogger templates. These templates are easy to use and customize. They give help documents with templates in which they tell how to customize and apply on the website.
Click on Anyone to download free Blogger Templates:-

  1. Gooyaabitemplates
  2. Sora Templates
  3. Templates Yard
  • All you have to do is sign in with a Gmail id by clicking the link below. 

          Get free web hosting Here 

  • Now click on ‘Create A New Blog’ and in the popup window Choose Titel and Domain name for your blog/website. This name is a subdomain which free and necessary for creating a new blog later it can be replaced by a custom domain. Click on create now.
  • But you can use this subdomain, which gives you the blogger Example:, for unlimited time. Here we talk about, how to get a free custom domain.  $ads={2}

How to get a free Domain?

  • If you want to get a free domain for your website, then you can visit the website by clicking on the below link. Here you can directly log in or register with your Gmail Id. If you have never registered on this website, you will still be able to login directly through Gmail and this automatically creates your account.

  Go to Free registration for website Here

  • After you have logged in with your Gmail id. In the top menu select Services >> Register a Domain.
  • You will now reach a new page. Here you can search your domain name in the Search box and Now check website domain name availability. This will show you the available domain name in the search result, related to your search. Here you can search for cool website names.

    Note: If you want your website rank fastly in the google search engine, So in the domain name use keywords which are mostly search by peoples and it is also important that these keywords related to your website content.

    • Select one of the domain names and click on the checkout. You will find many available Domain names here. Select what you think is appropriate for the searched domain name. You can also select more than one name. But one can use the same for a website. For different domains, you have to create a separate website.

    • On the next page, you will have to choose a month for how long you want free and click on continue. This website offers free for 12 months, after which you have to buy it.
    • On the next page, then you can fill in your personal details and click on complete my order now. In this way, a free domain purchase was done. To see it, click Services >> My Domain. Here you will see the list of all domains which are registered by you on this account.
    • Now you can link this with blogger web hosting or website.  

    Why we purchase we purchase a website domain and web hosting. because take rights of these items and make a most expensive website.


      We recommend that you do not use the free domain as well. Because all their rights are owned by the company. If someone wants to buy the same domain by paying, then your domain will be canceled at the same time, telling any false reason and it will be sold to the buyer. If this does not happen, then the message is displayed below when One of our domains was canceled the same without any reason.

      Note: If you want to most trust website domain and website hosting us google sites domain name
      . which is called blogger. This plate-form is totally free for a lifetime. also you will get Google AdSense approval. 

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