Best Google Adsense Alternatives | Best CPM ad network for low traffic websites [part 1]


Are you a blogger looking for Google Adsense alternatives for Low Traffic? You have applied to Google Adsense many times and you get rejected, then don’t worry because today we are talking about the best Google Adsense alternatives ad network. Best CPM ad network for low traffic websites

This works exactly like Google Adsense while earning in terms like CPM, RPM, and CPC. If you want to know which network So stay tuned to this article. Here we will talk about the best Google Adsense alternatives ad network for google bloggers such as What are the minimum requirements of and how to apply in this ad network?

Everyone wants to earn money online, so he also creates his own blog and writes a lot of posts on it,  also takes a good view and generates a lot of traffic. But when he applies in Google Adsense for approval his website gets rejected.

But till you do not get approval from any ad network and ads will not be shown on your website. You cannot earn money online from your blog. That’s why people leave blogging after getting frustrated.

If you are not getting approval of Google Adsense, then you must try this Google Adsense Alternatives ad Network once. It is very easy to take approval from here, But there are some little conditions for a website. If the condition is met then you will get approval easily.

We will talk about all these conditions in detail later. But if you get approval from this ad network, then you will be able to earn as much as you could with Google Adsense.

To earn money from your website, taking approval of ad network is not enough, there should be a reasonable amount of traffic on your website. The more traffic, the more you will be able to earn money online with the best CPM ad network for low-traffic websites.

Best Google Adsense Alternative Ad network

The name of the best Google Adsense Alternative is Here you earn money in terms like CPM, CPC, and RPM just like Google Adsense. If your Google Adsense approval is not available, then you must try this Adsense alternative ad network because it has some little terms and conditions if your website fulfills them then you get approval easily. So let’s know what those terms and conditions are.

Google Adsense Alternatives for Low TrafficFor Beginners

You should keep these things in mind before applying to this ad network.

1. Program guidelines

This program is currently only open to those websites which have premium content. Also, fulfill the criteria given below:

  • Significant amounts of website content are required to be updated regularly and the intellectual property rights of either party are not violated.
  • Your site content should be in English language only.
  • You must already have a fair amount of visitors to access your site. It is not that you have created a website today and if no visitors come on it, then you should not apply.
  • Most of the traffic that comes to your website should be from the US / UK / Canada. This means the amount of traffic is about 10% – 15% come from these countries.
  • Your website is not already using excessive advertisements. When you apply for this ad network, remove all ads.

2. Website Design

Your website design should be responsive. We mean by responsive, which changes its size according to the display size. Some templates are not compatible with mobile.

Nowadays, most users come from mobile, so all the ad networks are insisting that the website’s design should be mobile-friendly. If the design of your website will be mobile friendly then chances of getting approval are increased.

So use a template that is mobile-friendly whether your website is on Blogger or WordPress. If we look at the user wise, the website needs to be responsive.

If the user likes your website then only he will come back to your website. So for this, use only fast and responsive templates.

Also, some pages must be on your website.

  • About Us: This page contains information about us and our website such as who I am and what type of content is going to be provided to the user on this website. In other words, from this page, the user should get good information about us and our website.
  • Contact us: On this page, we keep such information with the help of which the user can contact us. Meaning that if the user has to ask a question about a particular post or website, then he can question us directly. We provide our email id and contact number on this page, but you can use “Contact Form” for a good blogger SEO.
  • Privacy Policy: On this page, we tell users about their privacy and how we collect information about them. For what purpose is this information used by the website. This page also writes whether our website uses cookies or not.
  • DMCA: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA) states that if by chance any copyrighted material is found on our website about which the copyright holder claimed that it was copyrighted material by him. So how can we handle it and remove it? Also, we should tell how we will find out whether the copyright holder is right or wrong.
  • Disclaimer: On this page, you are told that what type of content you use and give services. how you are disclaim something.
  • If you have applied for this ad network, there must be no unfinished work on your website such as menus, sitemap, template, design, etc. Meaning your website should be well compiled.

3. Domain policy

Always use only the top-level domain for your website as this ad network only approves the top-level domain. Regarding the top-level domain, we have given the examples below.

To whom this ad network approves and which domains, to whom this ad network does not approve.

  • Approved Top level Domains: .Com, .Net, .Info, .xyz etc.
  • Disapproved Domains: .In, .Tk, .Org, etc.

4. Content Policy

Website design and the top-level domain are not enough for approval. Therefore, the content of your website should also be of good quality. Good quality means that you should not have any copyrighted, adult content.

Also, such type of content on the website is outside the content policy of this ad network. Below are some guidelines that will tell you what type of content should be on your website, so that you can get approval easily.

  • If your website contains hate, violence, racial intolerance, or offensive content against any person, group, or organization, it falls into the category of invalid content.
  • The website should not contain pages that contain profanity or content that is discriminatory or derogatory to any category.
  • Sale of drugs prescribed by a physician.
  • The website should not use adult, pornographic, or any such illegal content.
  • A website that mimics counterfeit goods or other goods and leads to the sale of stolen goods or any product that violates the intellectual property rights of the real owner. Has been declared invalid.
  • A website that uses a program that encourages invalid clicks by encouraging users to click on ads, browse websites, read emails, etc. This is called invalid click as well as invalid content. So stay away from this type of content as much as possible.
  • Forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, or any website related to content areas of this type, which are used for public updates without adequate moderation.
  • Sites whose content is generated by computer programs. The site has been declared with invalid content.
  • A website that spreads fake news. It is placed in an invalid content category.
  • Any other content that they believe in their sole discretion to be illegal.

5. Traffic policy

All the impressions on the site should be valid and the actual clicks on the ads should be according to the user’s interest. If at any time, by any method When you employ a visitor, your traffic quality does not fall within acceptable traffic quality standards.

In addition, if you do anything in violation of program policies, your account may be suspended or terminated with immediate effect.

I). Invalid Traffic

You will not take traffic to your site through promoted click programs, spam email marketing, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, click-exchange programs, unwanted advertisements on third-party websites, toolbars, and other unwanted software downloads websites.

II). Invalid Clicks

Some of the activities which include specific prohibitions are given below (but are not limited to).

  • Incentive Programs: You may not offer any compensation or incentive to any person in any manner to view/click ads. Clicks made by you on his own ads will be considered invalid.
  • Misleading Users: You may not include any text or phrases in or around the ad units that are used to confuse a user or encourage them to click on ads. Ads are placed inside the content in a way that cannot be separated from the content. All of these are considered invalid.
  • Deceiving Images: No image or thumbnail should be placed around an ad unit that could deceive a user would be considered prohibited.
  • Automated clicks: If you use or participate in any automated click and impression generating tool, bots, open proxies, or software that may lead to incorrect impressions and clicks. Will be considered invalid.

III). Traffic Quality
They are extremely particular about the traffic quality on their program because they believe that low-quality traffic adversely affects the advertiser’s interests.

Their compliance and quality monitoring team conducts extensive investigations on a broad basis to ensure high traffic quality standards.

6. Ad placement policy

  • You may place the ad only on your sites that are approved. Any revenue generated by the ads on unapproved sites will not be paid to you. You may only place up to 3 ad codes per page on approved sites.
  • If you sell, rent, lease, sub-license, sub-syndicate, transfer, distribute or otherwise use any advertising code or make it available to a third party or to a creative or any copy thereof. This will be considered invalid.
  • This is not valid if you refresh a page or an element of a page without requesting the user. It uses auto-redirect or auto-refreshing advertisements on pages or in placements. This is invalid.
  • Never place ads on pages that are under construction, parked, or without content or blank pages.
  • Never distribute ad codes via pop-ups and pop-unders
  • Never place ads in emails or newsletters
  • if you modify or block the visitor’s IP, referrer, or page URL from being provided to
  • If you alter the ad code in any way that affects the appearance of an ad or alters the standard behavior, targeting, or distribution of advertisements.

7. Payment policy

All payments due to Publishers or Affiliates on this program will be made on a net 30 basis for accounts that have accrued at least $100 or more in earnings. For example, if you earn $ 100 or more in March, you will receive payment by the end of April. Payments are made via Payoneer or Wire Transfer.  

Please note: completes the payment process of only those publishers who have given full details of the payment by the 15th of the previous month where the payment is to be made.

Payments of Publishers that have not provided complete payment details by the 15th shall be processed in the next applicable payout cycle.

How to apply for Google Adsense alternatives as the publisher

Steps to apply as a publisher are given below.

1. Go to to sign up.

2. Here you will see three boxes in the first box paste the URL of your website. In the second box write your contact number and in the third box type your email id.

3. Now click on Get started button and it’s done.

Now, review your site and contact you with your email id.  If the website is approved then they will send the password of your account by which you can log in to the publisher dashboard.

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