50+ Interesting History Facts about China Secret Experiments Wuhan China

History Facts about China
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Interesting history facts about china, Wuhan China, and the capital of China. Also, China secret experiments and the history of China and Wuxi. China, the most populous country in the world, is also commonly known as the People’s Republic of China.

China is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, which transformed China in just 30 years. Today China is one of the largest economies in the world due to the efforts of its people.

The day with which China is developing its country and countrymen is not far when the kingdom of China will begin to take over the whole world like America and Russia. Today we will talk about Some Interesting history facts about China.

History facts about China

The word China is derived from the Qin dynasty. It is about 260-210 BC that Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty at that time. The capital of China is Beijing, but Beijing was later called Dadu, Yanjing, and Beeping.

It was known by many changes over time and it is now known as Beijing.   Historians believe that Chinese civilization is about 8000 years old and according to historians, Chinese civilization is the name of the world among the oldest civilizations of the world.

The history of Chinese, the national language of China, is also very old. Historians also believe that the Chinese language is one of the oldest written languages.

According to 2012 data, China is the world’s most populous country with a population of 1.3 billion. China is the third-largest country in the world by area, covering an area of ​​9,706,961 sq km. China is also known as the country of flowers because various types of flower bread are found in China and many of these species of flowers and fruits like orchids and orange are now grown in many countries of the world.

Hello in Chinese: In China Nǐ hǎo is pronounced as Hello. I Love You In the Chinese language: In China Wǒ ài nǐ is pronounced as I LOve You.

Wuxi: It is a city in southern Shanghai province, eastern China. It is a major historical and cultural city in China and has been a thriving economic center since ancient times as an export center for rice, silk, and textiles.

Interesting Facts About China

1. In China, when training is given to soldiers, a pin is placed on their collar so that they cannot lower their necks.  

2. The rich people of China can send others to jail instead of themselves.

3. We compare with America then there is more number of English-speaking people in China.

4. There is also a website in China from which girlfriends can hire. And for this, one week’s rent is less than two thousand rupees.

5. If you see a giant panda in any corner of the world, then you will blindly assume that China has the right over it. China has leased this species. In addition, their children also have the right to China.  

6. Fun facts about china: Around the world, where eggs are boiled in water, the same is boiled in the urine of boys in China.

7. If you step out of a hot air balloon into space, China’s Yangshuo city will appear to be the most beautiful city in the world.  

8. In China, 45 billion chopsticks are used every year, for which 20 million trees are cut every year.

9. In China soup made up of bird’s nests is in high demand. It is also known as Edible bird nest soup or swiftlet. Estimate the price of this soup from the fact that the nest used for this soup is sold at the rate of about $100 per kg.

10. Youngsters in China love Apple’s devices a lot. Even a boy sold his kidneys to buy an iPad.

11. If the entire population of China turns out to be a line in front of you, then that line will not end even during your lifetime. Because the birth rate is so high that a child is born every 30 seconds.

12. The first paper money in the world was made in China 1400 years ago.

13. Recently in China, a man was in the headlines, who drank such a spicy and spicy soup that he got a hole in his stomach.

14. There are many big buildings in China in which no one lives. Despite SK, new buildings are being built very fast. China aims to build 20 new cities every year for the next 20 years. However, there are no plans to settle those cities yet. This is the reason why many cities there are also known as ‘Ghost City.

15. In China, a person killed and ate the last Indke-Chinese tiger for which he was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the Chinese government. On this, the man said that he killed the tiger in his defense.

16. 7 out of 10 Chinese students who never returned to China who goes to study in other countries. Interestingly, most of them like to live in America.

17. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, another hero David Thulis and film director Jean-Jacques And can never go to China because they worked in the film ‘Seven Years Here in Tibet’. For this, China has banned all.

14. The world’s longest traffic jam was in China. Which took 10 days. In the incident of August 2010, 60 miles of trains were queued on the route from Beijing to Mongolia.

19. A man in China filed a case against his wife just because she was ugly and he won the case. The husband had claimed that his children had also turned ugly due to his wife’s bad looks. In fact, before marriage, the man’s wife underwent plastic surgery.

20. There are so many successes in China that you can easily find fisher work there. The job of these people is to remove the dead bodies from the river.

21. The 2008 Summer Olympic Games was hosted by China and the Olympic Games held in Beijing were the most expensive in history. About 40 billion dollars was spent on these games.

22. “The people’s Republic of China” was established by China on 1 October, so this day is celebrated as National Day in China.

23. Many historians believe that football began in China around 1000 BC.

24. The game ‘Ping-Pong‘ is much preferred in China, while the game was not invented in China. It was invented in the UK, where the sport is called “table tennis“.

25. The Great Wall of China is the largest man-made structure in the world, which is 8,850 kilometers long.

26. There is a dwarf theme park in China known as Little People’s State.

27. Every year 4,000,000 cats are eaten in the name of delicious food in China.

28. In China, there is a ban on running social sites in other countries. Even in China using foreign social sites like Facebook, Twitter has also been banned since 2009.

29. 50% of the total pig population in the world lives in China.

30. The number of people smoking in China is the highest in the world, where about 50,000 cigarettes are lit every second.

31. According to some historians, the first use of arrows in the world was done in China.

32. People here prefer to sleep more than concentrating on good fitness.

33. Unemployment is the cause of nearly 70% of suicides in China.

34. China is full of industry, due to which 29% of the world’s air pollution is caused by China.

35. In 2011–2013, a much larger quantity of cement was used by China. It is believed that the quantity of cement used by China in only two years was greater than the cement used by America throughout the twentieth century.

36. 99% of the people of China have a habit of running the internet. Medical treatments and camps are also organized in China to get rid of this habit.

37. In China, a population of about three crores lives in houses of 5 feet by 5 feet which are called cave houses.

38. There is also a fact that Chinese jails are full of journalists and internet users.

39. China consumes the most cellphones in the world. You will be surprised to know that there are more cell phones in China than the number of people in America.

40. ​​The favorite hobby of Chinese people is collecting railway tickets, movie tickets.

41. If you buy a red car in Shanghai city of China, then you may be jailed. In this city, it is illegal/against the law to have a red car.

42. The world’s largest shopping mall has been built in China.

43. Dishes such as noodles and ice cream were discovered by the people of China.

44. The affordability in China is more than in the US. In this sense, China is the largest economy in the world.

45. The largest cockroach cultivation in the world is in China. They use them in making medicine and food.

46. By the year 2025, there will be 10 cities equal to New York in China.

47. China has 29 percent air pollution in the city of San Francisco, USA.

48. In 1983, China proposed to give 10 million women to the US to boost the population.

49. Bras studies are also offered in China.

50. Chinese people are watching the same TV channel at 7 pm.

Some of China’s intelligence experiments:

1. Head Transplant

In 2013, a Chinese doctor became the first doctor in the world to put a rat’s head on another rat’s body. The doctor says that when he transplanted, the rat started doing simple movements like blinking an eye, breathing, and drinking water. But he died after a day.

Then he did thousands of such experiments. According to a news reporter in 2016, Dr. Rain did this experiment on a monkey. But that monkey was kept alive for only 20 hours. There is no strong evidence that the monkey died like a rat or was killed.  

2. Cloning of Animals

This company called Sinogene is based in Beijing and takes 50 million rupees for cloning an animal. Cloning is banned all day except in China. Some people in China store their pets’ DNA so that if they die, they can be resurrected.  

3. Super Army

China wants to create a genetically modified super army. So he is spending a lot of money on genetically engineering research. So that they have the most powerful force in the world. In the last few years, about 40 people have undergone surgery for genetic modification.

The government had kept it a secret but somehow other agencies came to know about it.   With this technology, good and powerful cells can be inserted by replacing old and weak cells of the patient. Its most extensive test was done for cancer treatment.

About 70 patients that had lung, throat, kidney, and liver cancer, their cancer cells were successfully replaced with this technique.  

It is believed that by the end of the 28th century, China’s military force will be genetically advanced. After which they will have the most powerful army in the world. Well, there is no written statement about it, so we cannot accept this thing as 100% correct.  

4. Wuhan China CoronaVirus

Is Coronavirus is a biological weapon called “Wuhan-400” developed by China? We will talk about a book named “The Eyes Of Darkness” which is published in 1981. This is written by Deam Koontz- The photo of this book is given below.

On page no. 181 there is written that in the future China will develop a biological weapon named “Wuhan-400” at their RDNA labs outside of the Wuhan city. If you want to download pdf file of this book. Download The Eyes Of Darkness PDF

50 Interesting Facts_About_China_Secret_Experiments_History_of_China_Wuhan_China_Coronavirus_Experiment

This is just a fictional book, we cannot say anything about how true it is. But the UNO (United Nation Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization) do not allow any country to create or maintain a bio-weapon.

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