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Top 7 Easiest Way to Bring Traffic to Your Website - Blogger SEO

As friends, you have come to read the title how to get more traffic to your website or blog. If you work on a website or blog then the traffic on it is the most important without which your blog or website is not of any use, no matter how hard you work. So in this article, we are going to tell you The 7 easiest ways to bring traffic to your website or google bloggers such as using sitemap, backlinks, social sharing, and SEO optimization. So if you do not read this article or you will miss it a lot. let’s begin.

1. Upload Sitemap

Friends, in order to rank your website or blog in the search engines, it is only for uploading the most important part sitemap. For this, you need to first add your site to the webmaster tool such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and Baidu webmaster, etc. In all these, you have to add one site to each other one by one, for that you will have to register in each. Only then can you upload a sitemap of your website to all these webmaster tools. To upload the sitemap to your site in the google webmaster tool, first, you have to open the google webmaster tool’s website, then click on the ‘Add a property’ button and select the Website option. Now enter the URL of your website here and click the add button.

Now you have to verify your website that this domain has been purchased by you or you own it. For this, you will see a gear icon in the top right corner and select ‘Verification Details’. Now click on verify using a different method on the new page. You will now see 5 methods – Domain name provider, Google analytics, HTML file upload, HTML Tag, and Google Tag Manager. For verification, you can choose any of these methods. But we always use the same HTML tag and the Domine name provider method. In the HTML tag method, you will get a code, you will have to save by paste by posting it in the template of your website and then click on the webmaster tool me ‘verify’ button and after some time it will be verified. Similarly, you can use any method.
After doing all this, you have to upload the sitemap. Now generate a sitemap of your site and click on Crawl in Webmaster Tools and then upload Sitemap. Then click on the ‘Add / Test Sitemap’ button. Now enter sitemap here like – sitemap.xml or enter the name of the sitemap that is created, then click submit button, and sitemap will be submitted. This way you can submit a sitemap of any website to all webmaster tools.

2. Submit Post URL manually in search engine

To quickly rank your article in the search engine, upload it manually to the search engine. For this, open your webmaster tool and select your website. Then select the Crawl option then click on the ‘Fetch as Google’ option and now enter the URL of your post but before uploading the URL, remove the name of your site like – from the URL Now click on Fetch and Render. After a slight delay, a ‘Request Indexing’ button will appear in front of you now click on it and a new window will appear here click on ‘I’m not a robot to solve the captcha and click on ‘Crawl only this URL’ option and select Go. This will send your post to the Google search engine me. In this way, you can submit the post to all search engines.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission also helps to bring traffic to your website. For this, open the directory submission site, follow the steps, enter the details and submit it. This will increase your website traffic.

4. Share on Social Media

You will definitely share your post on social media so you will get a lot of help in getting traffic. For this, all social media sites Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and google plus, etc. Create a profile or page in the name of your site and share all the posts of your site there. Share articles as much as possible in groups, Facebook and Google Plus will help you a lot. In Google Plus, you will find millions of groups of people who you join and share the URL of the post in them, you will get unlimited traffic.

5. Backlinking and guest posting

Backlinks and guest posting also help you rank your website in the search engine. That is, the more backlinks your article will rank, the more your pet will rank. You can make a backlink for your website by commenting on the reviled others’ website posts. For guest posting, you can write articles for others’ websites and link them to the URL of your article. This will help to rank your site.

6. Use of Push Notification

To maintain your old traffic, you can also use push notifications so that people can subscribe to your website and when you do a new post, they will get a notification so that they can read it immediately.

7. Paid Promotion

You can also promote your website by paying money, which will give you very much traffic. The best Google Adwords for this is that it will help you rank your site, and promoting here will not affect your Adsense account or its ads. Apart from this, you can also pay paid on Facebook. You can also make backlinks by paying money. Fiverr is the best option for this, where people bring quality backlinks to their own website by taking money from you.
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