How To Earn Money Online With

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment Or Using

Earn money online without investment: Adfly is a URL shortening site that gave cash if u share your short URL somebody taps on it. There are numerous sites that way, however, this is the best URL shortening site And it gave the most noteworthy payout than others. Using this site without invest money online and earn weekly. You can share your short URL using any of the following methods

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Forums
  • Youtube
  • Using your blog or website Etc…

What is adfly?

AdF.Ly is a URL shortener just like shorte.St that gives the person cash whilst the person shortens a hyperlink with it, however, the advertisements displayed might also deploy spyware and adware in the user’s computer, and it can fill the user’s computer with popups. This can be avoided if the user simply clicks the “skip ad” button and quickly closes the window, or doesn’t click the ad at all. It also once in a while links to scams, like the Brit technique.
If the consumer makes use of an advert blocker, it’ll preserve telling the person to deactivate their ad blocker until the person turns it off. Sometimes it can also result in taking longer to skip the ad.

How AdFly Works:

People pay to market it with adf.Ly, and those who shrink their hyperlinks with adf.Ly get a reduction of the earnings each time a person clicks an adf.Ly shortened hyperlink. Important Adfly pays whilst you reach the minimum limit of $ 5 and paid every month on the 5th of course in case you reached the minimum payout limit.

Earn money online Paypal without investment: 

This earned money withdraw by Paypal and Payoneer when you reached the threshold limit.

1. How to earn money using adfly? :-

  • First of all, you need to sign up/register/Create an account in adfly.
  • Chose Account Type:-Link Shrinker: Create shortened URLs and earn money
  • Click Here For Sign Up.

Click Here to sign up.
After complete registration, You have two methods to earn money.

  • Url Shortening
  • By monetizing blog or website with popup ads

1. How to earn with the First Method:

  • After Complete registration, you will be able to shrink any link that you want to Shrink by using the shrinker box.
  • When u put any link in the shrinker box it will give you a short link of your URL And This Short link will look like this:
  • After that, you need to share this short link to the public using any of the following methods
  • By posting on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, Whats app, YouTube and using ur blog Or website, etc.
  • When Anyone clicks on that link they will be redirected to the Adfly page with the sponsored page and they will have to wait for 5 seconds to skip this ad page and after that, they can go to the real website by clicking on the ‘skip ad’ button.
  • It gave money when anyone visits that short link and it gave $1 – $10 For every 1000 visitors. Depending upon the country $ads={2}

The amount Money Give Per 1000 Visitor Adfly:- 

Adfly gave cash when anybody visits on ur short connection and it gave $1 – $10 For each 1000 guest. Contingent on the nation.
For Example, It Gave

  • $11.18 per 1000 visitor from United State
  • $3.92 per 1000 visitor from Canada
  • $4.18 for the United Kingdom
  • $5.66 for Australia
  • $0.86 for India

For See Payout Rates of Adfly by Country-wise Click Here

2. How To Earn Money By Monetize Your Blog OR Website:-

  • After complete registration, you will be able to earn money by monetizing your blog or website.
  • For this first of all login into adfly and go to tools>>pop ads

  • Now copy this highlighted code and paste it on your blog.
  • First go to Template/Click on Edit HTML And then search </head> Tag
  • Fast search Press Ctrl+F And then type </head> And search
  • After that paste the Adfly Code before </head> Tag and Save the template.
  • Now your blog or website is monetized and when anyone visits your blog. Adfly gave u money by pay per click. if no one visits your blogger website no earning is there.

 For Sign Up Or Register Adfly and Start Earning Now Click Here

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