How to Play PS2 Games On Android | Best PS2 Games

How to Play PS2 Games On Android Best PS2 Games
How to Play PS2 Games On Android Best PS2 Games

How to play PS2 games on Android: Here we go to show you download best ps2 games and how to play Sony Ps2 games on Android. So far, you could play PS2 games on PC and Sony PlayStation 2 but now you can play them on your Android device and enjoy them.

Sony PlayStation gaming is a very popular Best ps2 games in the world. These games will give you a 3D look and reality.  PS2 games have Hd graphics and high resolution so these want high processing power Cpu, GPU, and RAM.

Everyone wants to play these games on the Sony PlayStation 2 on their Android device. So today we are going to tell you the tricks by which you can enjoy these games by playing on your Android phone.

What is Sony PlayStation 2?

It is a video game console device which is designed by Sony Computer Entertainment Company. It is announced in 1999 and released in 2000, was the first Sony PlayStation console that offers the gamers and its games Dualshock controller.
It is the best-selling video game console of all time. It sold approximately 155 million units by 2012. The PS2 also helps PlayStation memory cards and controllers, although unique PlayStation memory cards handiest paintings with unique PlayStation games and the controllers may not support all functions (including analog buttons) for PS2 video games.
Is ps2 game are available? yes, ps2 games free download available.

List Of Best PS2 games are given Below

These are all available free to download

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas: it was the best selling game.
  • God of War 2
  • Grand Theft Auto III
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Devil May Cry
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

How to Play PS2 games on Android

Now You can play PS2 games on Android. If you want to play Best PS2 game on android So, Make sure you have six files downloaded on your Android device. Links are given below.

1. Download File Manager: CX File Manager

2. Download Best PS2 Emulator Android: PS2 Damon

3. Download Bios: PS2 Bios 

Instructions to install bios file

  • Download and extract the flie from above given link.
  • Now place the BIOS files in the same folder with your PS2 game ROMs.
  • just ensure to check their ‘readme’ file for more instructions.
  • Run PS2 emulator and specify the BIOS files.

4. Download App: Parallel Space

5. Download Archiver: Rar

6. Download Game Iso File: God Of War 2

Requirements: There are no requirements but if want to play ps2 games on android. It have a minimum of 2GB RAM, a quad-core processor, an Android Os 5.1, and above. Because PS2 games have Hd graphics and high resolution so these want high processing power Cpu, GPU, and RAM

If you have these Five files then you are ready to Play PS2 games on your phone. If you want to play the PS2 game on your device please read the procedure carefully and follow it exactly.

  1. Install Damon PS2 Emulator Android app on your android device. It is the emulator which is responsible to play PS2 games on the android phone. It converts your device into Sony PlayStation 2. But it is an unsigned application so that we can’t directly play games in this application. So that we use a trick in the next step so that we play games in this application.
  2. Now Install the Parallel Space app on Android. Now Open it and create a clone of any app first then create the clone of DemonPS2. This is because when we try directly to make the clone of this Damon PS2 app it is not found.
  3. Now click three dots gave in parallel space screen on the top right side. Select Speed Mode and enable it. This speed mode disables the google play services and this unsigned application covets to signed. if you forget to do this setting you cannot pay for the games. This is the most important part of this trick so carefully follow these steps.
  4. Now Run DamonPS2 Clone in Parallel space app. If you do not run it once, it will not be created a backup folder. In which to keep its bios and games Iso files.
  5. Then Extract its bios files and copy these files into “internal storage/parallel_intl/0/DamonPS2” Paste all three bios files in the “DamonPs2 folder” without the folder.
  6. Now extract ps2 games free download iso file and paste it in “DamonPS2 folder” in your device default memory and follow the given path>> “internal storage/parallel_intl/0/DamonPS2” without the folder.

Now run clone damonPS2 in parallel space and select first bios in bios tap and then select game iso file run it and enjoy. using this trick you can play ps2 games free to download others like god hand, God of war, WWE Smackdown, etc. on any android.

Some FAQ

1. Can you play ps2 games on ps4?

No, You never play ps2 games on ps4.

2. can you play ps2 games on ps3?

No, You never play ps2 games on ps4.

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