How To Resume If Downloading Is Failed Or Link Expired 100% Working

How To Resume If Downloading Is Failed Or Link Expired 100% Working

Resume download: Here we demonstrate to you best practices to continue downloading in the UC program it comes up short or the connection lapsed. on the off chance that you are utilizing the UC program download a major document and toward the end, its downloading is fizzled. So don’t stress now you can continue it once more. On the off chance that you need to know how to continue fizzled downloading take after underneath given guidelines precisely. Try not to miss steps and furthermore read precisely.

Sample resume download: You are downloading a major document when it comes to at the completing end, It is fizzled or interface terminated. What will you do? don’t stress here is the arrangement. On the off chance that you need to continue fizzled downloading, you should have these given documents.

Download: UC browser

You can’t continue downloading video records. Since when you download video records there isn’t make the impermanent document with a video recorder. This impermanent document is dependable to continue a record downloading. Along these lines, that video document cannot continue again by this trick. But apart from the video file, you can try this trick on any type of file and every time it will work if the procedure is followed correctly.

Resume download doc of a record whose Link is lapsed or fizzled: If you want to do this please follow this tutorial steps by step carefully.

1. First, Download Es file explorer on your device and install it. Now go to incomplete downloaded file into your Android default memory storage using es file explorer (it can be sd card or internal storage depends upon your settings) >> Uc downloads folder. Here you will see two types of files for you your incomplete downloaded file. One is the incomplete downloaded file and another with the same name temporary file. Both files are very important to resume failed or link expired files never delete them. 

2. Now the names of these two Fellows are changing in such a way that afterward you can revert them back to their real names. Never delete these two files because these are the backup file of your downloading.


3. You must have a file URL (Uniform Resource Locator) from which you download it first. If you don’t have this filing URL you can’t resume. If you don’t have this URL now go to UC browser and long press on file (whose URL you want) in the Uc browser download tab. A new popup appears and selects the ‘details’ option. A new page will appear to choose the ‘copy file URL’ option. This is your file URL page from where you first download it. 

4. Now go to UC browser and delete the downloaded file from Uc browser only And paste file URL in Browser search bar, download again this file.

5. If downloading the new file is started, now push it.

6. Go to your device default memory >> ‘UC downloads’ folder delete newly created files for this downloaded file. Make sure you do not delete previous backup files which are renamed in step.2.

7. Finally, bring these backup files back to their real names, whose name has been changed in steps 2. This process is most important for all processes. If you have done all the steps correctly but these files have the wrong name, then you can not resume. So make sure their names match their real name

8. Go to UC Browser download tap and resume which pushed in step 5.

Now your downloading is resumed again.
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