How to Use Printing in Android To Print (Not Wifi Printer)

Use Cloud Printing in Android To Print From Any Printer

Hi, companions here we going to demonstrate to you best practices to utilize google cloud print android to take print from a printer in which not wifi accessible. but you need some settings and a PC/Laptop also. For this, you need google chrome, Android mobile, printer and installed it on your Desktop and internet connection. 

What is google cloud print android or google cloud print ios?

Cloud printing is a provider that we could customers print from any tool in a community. Cloud-printing services fit up digital gadgets and workstations — which include smartphones and different cell devices. Interestingly, ordinary cabled printing has been full of issues related to programming drivers or other similarity adapt that those frameworks required; for instance, the printer frequently may never again perceive an individual gadget.
Current cloud-printing administrations kill the requirement for programming drivers connecting a gadget to a printer and empower the printer to get the advanced data from the cloud benefit. The outcome is a more dependable printing administration over a system that incorporates different sorts of equipment. Cloud printing administrations likewise give the capacity to print from various areas.

How can we use Cloud printing for any printer (In which not wifi is available)?

Here we talk about how we can use cloud printing in an android device with a printer in which no wifi is available. If a printer has enabled wifi you can use cloud printing easily but if wifi is not available in the printer what will you do. So, don’t worry here is the solution for this type of problem you can use your PC/laptop and old printer both set up as cloud printing. Steps are given below on how to enable cloud printing for your old printer in which no wifi is available.

Google cloud print setup android

  1.  Install the printer driver on your Pc/Laptop and make sure it is working for printing.
  2. Download google chrome on your desktop and open it. Go to its settings. Here first sign in to google chrome with a Gmail id. 
  3. Now scroll down click on the “advanced” option 
  4. Again scroll down select the ‘Google Cloud Print option.

  5. Now click on ‘Manage Cloud Print Devices’.
  6. Now select ‘Add Printers’. 
  7. In the new window, you will see a list of printers, which are installed on your laptop, and select a printer from this list, in which you want to enable cloud printing and click on add printers.
  8. Now go to your Android device and open the play store and download the ‘Cloud Print Plus’ app for the android device.
  9. Open it and sign in with Gmail id, which is used in google chrome for enabling cloud printing. follow instructions and select a printer from the list in cloud print plus. This is the list of printers that are installed on your google chrome cloud print. Make sure this is the same printer that is selected in google chrome cloud print. 
  10. Then download a google cloud print app for android. which is WPS office to print a document. This is a free and paid version app for some time you can use it for free and you have to buy it after the trial period ends

But make sure your android and Pc connect to the internet. Also, Pc connects to the printer, and the power is on.

Download app cloud print: Cloud Print Plus

        Download: WPS office   
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