Interesting Facts About Google That You Want Know

Interesting Facts About Google

Today in this article we will discuss interesting facts about Google that you never heard before. Google is a name that perhaps most people in the world know, today the Internet means Google, because, without it, the internet cannot be imagined. Google is known primarily as a search engine, but its main services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Translate, and Google Chrome, etc. have become an integral part of our lives. Google was founded on September 04, 1998, and in just a few years it became synonymous with the Internet. You will be searching on daily but there are some such things about Google. Which you probably will not know.

Interesting facts about google

1. Initially, Google’s founder did not know much about HTML (HyperText Markup Language, which is essential for web page design). That’s why Google’s home page is very simple. For a long time, there was also no Submit button on it. The Enter button was used to hit tags only.

2. The name ‘google’ was due to the mistake of spelling. Google’s founder wanted to keep ‘Googol’ but ‘Googol’ became ‘Google because of a mistake in spelling.
3. Every year 2095110000000 searches are done on Google, i.e. more than 70,000 searches are done on Google per second.
4. After 2010, Google bought an average of one company per week.
5. The idea of Gmail was given by Rajan Seth. When he went to give an interview on Google. Before launching the Gmail service by Google, it was used internally for two years to fully test. In April 2004 Google launched Gmail on April 1. The highest storage, the ability to send mail faster, made it popular among the people. In order to create a Gmail account in the beginning, it was very important to be invited. But it became free for everyone after it became famous.
6. For the first time on August 30, 1998, the Google Doodle viewers were seen on the homepage. It was about people participating in a burning festival in Nawada. A very big team of Google doodles works. Who has so far posted more than a thousand doodles? Doodle is a special type of logo that is recited on Google for any particular day or a big celebrity person. When the festival of Deepawali occurs, a crackle-shaped doodle is shown.

7. In Google’s office, 200 goats are employed. Google does not use cutting machines for cutting grass in its office law because the staff working in innovation in the office are in trouble due to the smoke and noise coming out of it. That’s why Google has put goats to clean the lawn grass. This is the trimming of grass and the goats, the stomach is also filled.

8. In 2005, Google bought the Android company. The popularity of Android can be gauged from the fact that today it owns about 80 percent of the smartphone’s market, i.e. four out of every five smartphones running on the Android operating system. More than 1.5 million people are buying new Android Devices every day.

9. On the Internet, each website wants that the visitor spend most of the time on his website, but on the internet, Google is probably the only website that wants to reduce the time it takes on its website. And wants to show better search results in the shortest possible time.
10. More than 90% of Google’s earnings are from advertising.
11. The Google Spelling mistakes, some of the names like ‘’, ‘’ etc are also owned by Google.
12. If you go to ‘’ then you will get to Google’s homepage as this domain name has been purchased by Google itself. In order to write Google 466453 to write Google’s key keypad (which includes numbers and alphabets together), if you have accidentally selected the numbers instead of alphabets you want to write Google, instead of Google, ‘4666666455533’ will be typed. Due to this Google has purchased the ‘’ domain.
13. Google picking up $100 million day by day through AdWords in Q3, serving 5.5 billion impressions for every day on look pages and 25.6 billion impressions for consistently on the Google Display Network. With $10.86 billion in advancement wage last quarter, we understand that Google is making $121 multi-day from ads.
14. Google earns more than 5 billion rupees per day, that is, earns 50,000 rupees per second. The Android operating system has become the most widely used mobile os in the market. Let’s tell you that Google’s Android operating system has been named according to the English alphabet. Like – Cupcake, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmellow, Orio, and Pie, the name of the upcoming version will start with Q. Where Q is the first letter of the name of a most popular delicious dish.
15. Not very many individuals realize that Google has its first tweet, the dialect of PCs in which 0 and 1 are utilized. Which are called paired dialects. This tweet was “I’m 01100110 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” In English, it signifies ‘I’m feeling fortunate. These words will be found alongside Google Search Button. By tapping on it you can get data about all the Google Doodles till now.
16. More than 20,000 people per week apply for jobs at Google.
17. Google Recruit new employees based on online search. For this, he uses a tool named ‘foo. bar’.
18. In 2006, Google bought the online video-sharing website YouTube. At YouTube, every minute, 60 hours of video are uploaded. The programs that come on TV channels throughout the world are uploaded on this. Such a thing has brought the world closer. About 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on Google’s video service YouTube.
19. Google has taken photographs of 8 million 46 thousand km of a road for its street view map.
Google’s search engine is 100 million gigabytes. For that data, we will need 1 terabyte of 100,000 disk drives to store it.
20. Yahoo! Google could purchase. Yahoo could buy Google for one million dollars but do not buy it. For this reason, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on Google, leaving their Ph.D. in the middle. Imagine if this deal would have been where Yahoo was today.
21. How is google earning? The services that users feel for free, Google gets money from them on the other side. Other companies buy information about users from Google or pay for their advertising. On advertising, Google extends from a few cents of a dollar to hundreds of dollars for every click. Google earns 90% of the ads.

22. There is also a revolving version of Google that is known as ‘Google Mirror’ in which you see everything in the mirror form. If you do not believe, then try searching Google’s word ‘Google Mirror’ in Google

23. How was it named? It is believed that 100 zero is placed behind 1, then an idol number is formed, which is ‘Googol’. It is said that for the first time it was written by a 9-year-old child. The word ‘Google’ is made from the misconception of  ‘Googol’. It is said that if it is not today, the world will feel empty.

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