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causes of world war 1
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Facts about World War 1 – Know about how started world war 1 and causes of world war first. What was the role of  Adolf Hitler and Germany in first world war?. When did world war 1 end?

How started world war 1: began with the invasion of Serbia by Austria on 28 July 1914, the World War First lasted for four years (1914–1918), in which 37 countries participated. The immediate causes of world war first was the assassination of Prince Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia.

World war 1 date: First world war timline is given below

  • It started on 28 July 1914.
  • It lasted for four years (1914–1918).
  • 37 countries participated.
  • Participated Russia on 1 August 1914.
  • Participated On 3 August France.
  • On 8 August, England joined the War.
  • On 26 April 1915, Italy joined the World War.
  • ended on 11 November 1918.

In war, the entire world was divided into two camps, the Allies and the Axis Nations. The Axis nations were led by Germany which was followed by  Austria, Hungary, and Italy, etc. Allied nations included England, United States, Russia, and France. Bismarck was the father of the system of secret treaties.

The ternary between Austria, Germany, and Italy was built in 1882  AD.   Serbia’s secret revolutionary institution was the Black Hand. During the World War First, Germany invaded Russia on 1 August 1914. On 3 August France, On 8 August, England joined the War. On 26 April 1915, Italy joined the World War 1 from the Allies camp. 

Causes of world war first: 

  • assassination of Prince Ferdinand.
  • develops the national spirit. 
  • All nations wanted to increase their militarism and armament.
  • Wrong publicity through newspapers and publicity tools.
  • Lack of international peace-making institutions.
  • The prevalence of secret treaties.
  • The spread of international anarchy.
  • Economic rivalry and imperialism.
  • The character of the German Chancellor William Kaiser.

World War First history Facts

1. In World War 1, a British soldier saved the life of an injured German soldier, that injured soldier was named Adolf Hitler.

2. America joined the World War First on 6 August 1917. The US joined the War  after the sinking of a ship called the Lusitania of England due to Germany’s U-boat, as 128 of the 1153 people who died on that ship were Americans. In War, the German Army was the first to use a fire cannon. His fire cannon could fire up to 130 feet.
3. 6.5 million people from 30 countries took part in the First World War, out of which 1 crore people were killed. Of this, the Allies lost 60 million soldiers and the Axis nations lost 4 million soldiers.

4. In this war, 2 people were killed in every 3 people. Most of the deaths from this were due to illness.

5. In August 1914, the German army took Aarschot. In 150 civilians were shot and killed. These mass murders were carried out under a policy called Schrecklichkeit.
6. During the World War First, the British tank was initially divided into Male and Female. Male tanks were towed while female tanks were machine guns.
7. Little Willie was the first original tank in World War I. This tank was built in 1915, which could seat three people and could run at a speed of 4.8 km.
8. The Pool of Peace is a 40 feet deep lake near Messines in Belgium. A crater was built in this lake in 1917 when the British exploded in a 45-ton mine.
9. The most successful pilot in World War I was Manfred Albrecht Freiherr, which shot down 80 aircraft.

10. During the First World War, dogs were used as messengers to exchange orders through capsules attached to their bodies.
11. The Big Bertha was a 48-ton howitzer (a gun) that the Germans used in World War I. This gun could fire 930 kg shells for a distance of 15 km. However, it took 200 people more than six hours to assemble it.
12. The tanks were initially called “Land-ships“, although, for the purpose of separating them from the water tanks, the British used this code name “Tanks” which remained the same forever.
13. When the United States joined World War 1, some Americans were angered. Due to this, they later joined the French Army.
14. During World War I, one-third of the total military deaths were due to the Spanish flu.
15. The total cost of the World War First of the United States was more than 30 billion dollars.
16. During the War, Russia had raised 12 million troops, which was the largest army in the war. Three-fourths of his troops were either dead or wounded or lost.
17. France was the first country to use tear gas in the War against its enemy forces. They fired these tear gas grenades against the Germans in August 1914.
During War, Germany disposed of 68 thousand tons of gas, while the British and French forces disposed of 51 thousand tons of gas. A total of 1.2 million soldiers were affected by gas on both sides, out of which about 91 thousand soldiers died badly.
18. Soldiers used to tie a wet cloth of urine to their mouth in an emergency.
19. In This, for the first time, many machine guns were used, out of which a machine gun named Maxim, weighing 100 pounds, could fire 450 to 600 rounds in a minute.
20. There were 35 million civilian and military casualties in the First World War. Of this, 15 million were killed, and 20 million were injured.
21. In the War, more than 5 million pigeons used to work as messengers, who used to move messages from the headquarters to the front line.

22. A British nurse named Edith Caravel treated several soldiers on both sides but was later killed by a German firing squad.

23. After the War, the number of men in Germany had reduced so much that only one in every three women could get a husband.
24. About 13,000 Native American soldiers participated in the World War First while they did not have United States citizenship.
25. The youngest soldier to be part of World War I was only 8 years old.
26. In the War, the Belgian king himself led the army, while his queen acted as a nurse and the 14-year-old Prince was chosen as an auxiliary soldier.
27. Spain had been indifferent to World War I and World War II, but more than half a million people died in the civil war that began in 1936.
28. Marie Curie tried to donate her Nobel Medal to the French National Bank, which she received for the war efforts in World War I, but the French National Bank refused to take it.
29. The United States emerged as the world’s largest military power due to this War.
30. When did world war 1 end: It ends on 11 November 1918. On June 18, 1919, there was a peace conference in Paris, in which 27 countries were participating, but the terms of the peace treaty were decided by only three countries Britain, France, and America.
31. On 28 June 1919 Germany signed The Treaty of Versailles. US $809575000 was demanded from Germany as a penalty for terrible destruction in the war. The Treaty of Versailles during the World War 1 seized the World War 2.
32. As a result of World War 1 the League of Nations was established.
Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Which country was defeated after the first world war?

World War I ended on 11 November 1918. On June 18, 1919, a peace conference was held in Paris, in which 27 countries were participating, but the terms of the peace treaty were decided by only three countries – Britain, France and America. Germany and the Nazis were defeated world war first.

3. When did world war 1 end?

The First World War lasted four years (1914–1918), in which 37 countries participated. World War I ended on 11 November 1918.

4. How many peoples were die in first world war?

13.4 million people died in World War I and 6 million in World War II.

5. How started world war 1?

began with the invasion of Serbia by Austria on 28 July 1914

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