25+ Interesting Funny Facts About Men

Funny Facts About Men
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Funny Facts About Men: You may know that “International Men’s Day” is celebrated on November 19th. The man is said to have come from Mars and the woman from Venus. Do you know why the testicles are outside our body? So let’s get started…

Interesting Funny Facts About Men:

1. Facts about men: In Old English, men have been called wer, even as the term man became used to explain humanity as a whole. During the thirteenth century, man gradually changed wer as the term for a grownup human male while additionally retaining its use as an expression for the whole human species

2. Men vs women facts: A man speaks about 2,000 words a day but a woman speaks about 7,000 words a day.

3. According to a scientific study, those who are treacherous have less IQ level. It’s a fun fact about men but it is true.

4. If you are a man, do not keep the warm laptop in your lap. By doing this you can also become impotent.  

5. It is believed that men with less hair are stronger than those with more hair.  

6. Funny Facts about men: Once a man of 99 years divorced his 96-year-old wife after 77 years of marriage because he came to know about his wife’s pre-marriage relationship.

7. Globally, boy infants are 25% more likely to die in infancy than lady infants.

8. In the U.S.Average height, these days for men is simply over 5.75 feet and weight is about to 86 kg. In 1960, the normal height of the people was about 5.67 feet and the normal weight was 75 kg

9. Worldwide, guys have a lifespan expectancy of 64 to 52 years, in comparison to a life expectancy of 68 to 76 years for women.

10. The maximum not unusual cause of death for men in the U.S. Is coronary heart disease, and the common age of a first heart attack for guys is just sixty-six years?

11. Worldwide, there are about 107 infants boys born for every 100 female infants. Scientists consider the elevated birth fee in prefer of boys can be related to the higher mortality costs of boys in infancy and adolescence.

12. The death rate of men in the U.S. is higher than that of women and men die greater than five years younger than women.

13. The average size of the brain in adult men is about ten percent larger than the brains of women. Because men normally have a bigger stature and more muscle tissues than ladies, their brains require more neurons to control the body.

14. Boys commonly revel in puberty among the ages of 12 and 14, a time during which the voice adjustments to its decrease timbre, increase spurts occur, and the secondary sex characteristics begin to broaden. Puberty for boys commonly happens later than in women of the same age group.

15. While both boys’ and ladies voices will turn all through puberty, the trade-in of a boy’s voice is dramatic, from time to time losing an entire octave in tone. Males in different species broaden a deeper voice to attract females and intimidate different men, and scientists agree with the exchange within the male human voice developed for identical motives.

16. Hot facts about guys: approximately the first 42 days after conception, all human embryos develop as default female infants because it takes primarily genetic information from the mother’s DNA. After the 42 days of development, if the embryo is a boy, the SRY gene on the Y chromosome will start to produce androgen, primarily testosterone, that accelerates the production of male characteristics and stop the more development of female characteristics.

17. The biological symbol for the men is a circle with a small arrow crossing from it and this is also the symbol for the planet Mars. These two components of the symbol are designed to represent the shield and spear of the Roman god of the war of Mars.

18. Teenage boys are four times much more likely than women to drop out of school.

19. Men are almost three instances much more likely than ladies to abuse alcohol and twice as probable to abuse recreational pills like marijuana and cocaine.

20. The amygdala is a part of the brain responsible for producing emotion that is normally large in males, resulting in more aggressive, uncontrollable emotions.

21. Near about in every country of the world, adult males are more than twice as in all likelihood to dedicate suicide as women. In a few countries (such as Russia and Brazil), suicide costs among guys are up to six times better than the ones for ladies.

22. The common male person has about 50% more muscle and 50% fewer frame fats than the average grown-up girl.

23. Scientists have discovered that women can do multitasking (efficiently) than men.

24. Chances are more to say I LOVE YOU for the man than women.

25. The taste sensation of an average man is less or half of a woman.

26. Do you know why the testicles are outside our body? The testicles are out of our body so that they stay cool because the sperm dies at body temperature. And in the cold, they go towards the top so that they get heat from the body.

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