20+ Interesting Wwe fun facts

Wwe fun facts

Wwe fun facts – WWE is considered the Aquarius of Wrestling. Wrestlers from all over the world participate in this game. You get to see all the adventures, fights, and entertainment in WWE.

But in spite of all this, many questions arise in the minds of people. Like is the fight real or fake? How does a big wrestler lose to a small one?. Is the blood released during the fight real or fake? WWE Superstars have to go through a number of injuries.

Nevertheless, they work very hard to make the show a hit. Fans are always questioning them. The truth is that it is very difficult to become a superstar. Let’s know some facts about the wwe.

Do you know that WWE started in 1952 with two wrestlers, Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon? It was named Capital Wrestling Corporation Limited.


Wwe fun facts

1. WWE’s full name is World Wrestling Entertainment.
2. Its Headquartered is in East Main Street, Stamford, USA.
3. Its first TV broadcast was started in 1970. Vince McMahon is the CEO of WWE and holds a 52% stake in the company.
4. WWE is a publicly traded company.
5. All of you must have seen the weapons of the ring, which are used by Wrestlers. Most of these weapons are real weapons Occur. Such as steel chairs, hammers, ladders, etc.
6. The title World Heavyweight Championship was made in 1963. Bruno Sammartino is the only wrestler who has held this championship for more than seven years.
7. Some moves have been banned in WWE. Such as hitting the chair in the head, etc.
8. According to rules, a wrestler can be beaten at any time during a fight. Therefore, he has to be more vigilant.
9. WWE was formerly known as WWF(World Wrestling Fight). But in 2002 it was renamed WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment).
10. Its international offices are in both London and Toronto.
11. Do you know that the mic is placed under the WWE ring so that the voice of the wrestlers can be heard.
12. The WWE United States Championship was created in 1975.
13. WWE facts: Top  Wrestlers in WWE are The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Big Show, Braun Strowman, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jeff Hardy, Batista, Sheamus, Rusev, Mickie James, etc.
14. Wrestling is very much liked by children and WWE takes full care of it. – It seems that many Wrestlers take drugs to make body and stamina. But to prevent this, WWE has enacted a wellness policy.
15. In Fight wrestlers often talk to each other. This is called spot calling. In this, both of them talk to each other about who and what will be the next move.
16. Sometimes it happens. People believe that there are only good body people here, but there is nothing like it but the fans who like it are here.
17. Who will win the match is decided in advance here but the fight is real.
18. In this sport the loser gets more money.
19. Real facts about wwe: The superstars who get hurt are also real. You can check the referee to find out whether the wrestler is injured or not. If the injury is genuine, the referee will look backstage and make an X mark with his hands. WWE Fight contains real blood in most cases.
20. Must have seen many times that racers fall after a punch. This is a big show that is done. Stretchers are sometimes called to make the match more serious.
21. Many types of tournaments are organized here every year like WWE raw, smackdown, Royal rumble, survivor series, WrestleMania, summer slam, WWE backlash, WWE superstars, WWE championship, WWE what culture, WWE TLC 2020 and World Heavyweight Championship, etc.

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