Make Money Online Without Investment With UC News

Make Money Online Without Investment With UC News
Here learn how to make money online with UC news. Also, know how much UC news pay and how to enable ad monetization in UC news.

Every people who wanna make money without investment from the internet frequently think that it’s far impossible to fetch the desired quantity of bucks without having a website or blog. But these days I’m going to share a brand new online money-making method with you, which doesn’t require any investment but requires only time.

You may have heard approximately UC information and lots of you might have installed their app on your smartphone too. Basically, it’s an information app that aggregates trending articles, in shape ratings & enjoyment stuff from numerous assets & suggests it to you below one roof. More than five Crore Indians are the usage this app actively and this is virtually excellent information for us.

Wondering why? Here’s the purpose. More lively customers way greater visitors & more site visitors method hell lot of page perspectives. For making handsome bucks, you need a centered visitors and we are going to get it from UC news without much problem. Now it’s looking complex at this moment but matters get clean as you will read this post completely.

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How to earn money from UC News:

There are two steps to start earning with UC news. Which are given below.

Step 1: Sign up and create the article

Follow the steps below to get started earning with UC News without investment.
1. Visit UC News Producers website. $ads={1}
2. Sign Up for a new account. For New Sign Up Click Here
3. Account approval takes only hours. But sometimes it will take up to 5 or 10 working days.
4. After successful approval, log in to your dashboard.
5. After Successful login, you will see these 5 tabs given below:-

  • Home: It will display your total views on your articles, total followers, and today’s total earnings in dollars for a particular day.
  • Post: This is the most important part of this tutorial for earning. Here you can create/write your own articles/post.
  • Income: Here you can view your total revenue & can withdraw when you achieve a threshold amount of $50.
  • Reporting: From this tab, you can saw post views, and it is updated every ten minutes.
  • Guidelines: General rules for content creation compulsory to follow.

6. Crete a new post from the post tab or write an article and gave it an appropriate title or name and one or more featured pictures. Now publish this article by clicking on the publish button. That’s it.

7. After that, you need to wait for a few minutes until your article is under review. Then it will show a pending message on your article and it will automatically be published when approved.

Step 2: Enable monetization for your Uc news

If you meet the criteria for this feature may apply for advertising monetization, so that you get revenue for these ads from the UC We-Media platform.
Status of your benefits updates every morning on the platform. If all of the criteria for this are met. Then you can manually apply for it.

Application requirements for Ad monetization for Uc News:

1) Registered days>=7: Your account will of a minimum of 7 days old.
2) Completed basic partner’s task.
3) Minimum Views of one content(article/video) or Subscriber must be 1000.
4) Index points which are display on your home page must be equal to or greater than 40 for the last 7 days.
5) Current credit points of your accounts must be equal to or greater than 80.
Note: The validity period for this is 30 days after every 30 days requirements will be the same. If after 30 days of your enabled monetization you do not meet the requirements for this your monetization will be disabled. But don’t worry these all requirements are very simple. you can achieve with very fewer efforts. 

Recycle requirements are:

1) Current minimum index point must be greater than 40.
2) Current minimum  credit point must be 60
3) Post articles or videos(Last 30 days)<4
Can not apply for this benefit again in 10 days since the benefit has been recycled.

How to withdraw earnings

The threshold payout amount is $50 in this and you can easily achieve this within few months via giving it 30-40 minutes daily. When you apply for withdrawal your earnings will be deposited your the bank account between the 26th – 28th of every month.

How to earn money via UC News Referral Program

  • It is the best way to boost or increase your earnings on UC News. Apart from publishing articles, you can make a good amount of money by inviting friends to join UC News.
  • Here you will get your unique invitation code from the UC news publisher dashboard.
  • When anyone signs up using the invitation code, publishes an article, and successfully gets 1 thousand views, you will get a $25 referral reward.
  • You can refer your unlimited friends but you will be paid only for the first 15 unique signups.

Read this also until applying for ad monetization on UC News for earning.

  • Your revenue will be added after you successfully apply for ad monetization.
  • The last 7 days estimated income will be updated on Wednesday of every week.
  • You can withdraw income only from 26th to 28th for every month, with a threshold amount of $50.
  • You can withdraw only once every month and cant adjust the amount of withdrawing. All the revenue will be withdrawn during each withdrawal session.
  • After a successful withdrawal transaction is completed, you will be informed by mail or internal message on news.
  • The balance will be reduced only after the successful withdrawal operation is completed.
  • Currently, UC News supports USD currency.
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