Best Methods to Check Graphics Memory of Laptop

Today we are showing you how to check the graphics card memory of a Laptop/PC. There are two methods to check the graphics card memory of a laptop/PC. First One is using Windows Utility. This method works on any window but the procedure varies with windows and the second is using the run utility command this method work on any window. How to check RAM, ROM, GPU, and CPU for Android. There is only one method to check.

What is Graphic Card memory? :

A Graphics card is a graphics processing unit. In the laptop/PC whole graphics processes controlled by the graphics card. If we are playing a game or video this is the responsibility of graphics card memory. If we have a low memory of graphics card then the video or gameplay is not smooth but high resolution and HD graphics game we cannot play on that PC/Laptop. So we want to know how much graphics memory have our laptop/PC.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory Provide space for your Laptop to study and write records to be accessed by way of the CPU(Central Processing Unit). RAM is unstable, So information stored in  RAM remains so long as your laptop is on. As quickly as turn off the pc the information saved in the ram deleted.

What is the CPU?

This is the Central Processing Unit which performs most of the processing inside the computer. To control instructions and data flow to and from other parts of the computer.
The CPU has two components:
  • Control Unit: it extracts instructions from memory, decodes and executes them.
  • Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): it handles arithmetic and logical operations.

What is the GPU?

A GPU, or Graphics processing unit, is used basically for 3D applications. It is a solitary chip processor that makes lighting installations come about and changes things each time a 3-D scene is redrawn. These are scientifically concentrated obligations, which generally, might put significant stress on the CPU. Lifting this weight from the CPU authorizes cycles that can be utilized for different employments. The first employer to broaden the GPU is NVIDIA Inc. The GeForce 256 GPU changed into able to billions of calculations in line with second, can procedure a minimum of 10 million polygons per second.

How to check graphics card Memory in Android:

If you want to check the amount of RAM, ROM, CPU, and GPU on your Android device, then there is just one way to do this. For this, you need an application that you can download and install from the Play Store for free. The name of which is CPU Z, it is the best application for this type of information and the link is given below.
Download CPU Z

Procedure for Android:

When it is installed on your device and open it. Now you can see tabs for different types of information on your Android device. In the first tab, you will see info about your Cpu and GPU. In the next tab, you will see info about RAM and ROM. In the next tab see info about your system and OS. In the next tab about the battery. The next tab will see the temperature of your device and the last tab for sensors of your device.

How to check graphics card Memory on PC/Laptop:

If you want to check that memory there are two methods for windows. Which are explained below:

1. From Windows Utility(for Windows 8/10):

  • Right-click on windows desktop then select >> Display Settings.
  • A new window will appear in this window select >> Advanced Display Settings.
  • A new window will appear in this window select >>Display Adapter Settings.           
  • A new dialogue box will appear in this box. your graphics card information is available.

2. From Run Command:

Go to the search bar of your windows and Search “RUN” and open this application. also, press Window key+R to open the “RUN” wizard.                       

In Run Wizard  Type “dxdiag” without quotes and hit enter from the keyboard.
 Wait some time a new dialogue box will appear. In this window, you will see system information then click on the ‘Display’ tap. In Display Tab you will see information about your PC/Laptop Graphics Card.                    

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