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Facts About Death
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Fun Facts About Death: What do you think about life after death? Learn Creepy psychological facts about death. Also, read some weird facts about death. It is true,  who is born has to die.

Creepy facts about death – for centuries man has been afraid of death and is confused because of it. False religious teachings, old culture, and people’s unwavering beliefs have added to this panic.

Scary facts about death – Actually, the problem is that the fear of death makes a person give up the joy of living. And by this end, his trust goes that life has a meaning. But it is also true that the person who is born has to die, that is the law of nature. The interesting question is their life after death. When we hear about someone’s death, then there is trembling.

Do you know how many deaths happen every day? Today we are going to talk about the weird facts about death and what happens after we die So let’s start.

Scary facts about death

1. Creepy facts about death – About 1,59,635 people will die on the day you are. 

2. The reason for the death of any person is not old age, but there are diseases in old age.

3. Even if a man’s head is cut, he remains alive for 20 seconds. But if it is shot in the head then it dies immediately.

4. Our body is weakest between 3:00 and 4:00 am. This is the reason that most people die at this time in sleep.

5. Compared with earth, the dead body burns fast.

6. Only 3 days after death, our enzymes found in our body (which work to digest food) begin to eat the body from inside.

7. Due to the poor handwriting of doctors, 7 thousand people die every year.

8. Left-handed people die about 3 years before compared with right-hand men.

9. Weird facts about death – Sharks kill 12 people every year, but we kill 11,417 sharks every hour.

10. There is a greater probability that your death is due to sliding foot in the bathroom or falling of electricity rather than a terror attack.

11. Every day a woman dies in India due to a dowry-related cause.

12. Diseases that can be easily treated, due to those diseases also cause more than 4 lakh deaths every year.

13. 4 million in World War I and 6 million people died in World War II.

14. The dead have been burnt for the last 3 million years.

15. Every year 150 people die from coconut fall on their heads.

16. In every 40 seconds in the world, there is a suicide.  

17. Every 90 seconds, a woman dies while producing a baby.

18. It is also possible that someone’s death is due to heart failure, it is called ‘stress cardiomyopathy‘.  

19. After death, the part of the body which is closest to the earth, the blood also goes in that direction. Then this symptom of gravity causes the blood to coagulate.  

20. When the heart stops working, the color of the skin becomes white and purple.

21. The ear is worse in the late hours than other parts of the body after death. The power of listening lasts till the end.

22. Weird facts about death – From the beginning of human civilization to about 100 billion deaths have happened. 23. After hanging, the man’s penis becomes strict. Sometimes, semen ejaculation also happens in this.  

Fun Facts About Death
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24. Scary Facts about death – Do hair and nails still grow after death? Nails and hair may continue to grow, yet this is due to the drying of the body, which removes the skin to affect the nails and hair length.

There is little truth to the story when one’s heart stops beating its cerebrum cells, yet many cells using less oxygen can survive. So maybe a minor piece of hair and nail can grow back after the brain is dead.

25. How does it show how old the carcass is? The species of insects found on carcasses tell how many days have passed before death.  

२6. Covid Death in the US – According to a report dated 14 September 2021 Number of the death count is 6 lac 62 thousand. Covid deaths all over the world are 4.55 million.

Death and Life quotes

Death is truth and life is a lie because everyone has to die one day it is true that life has no idea when death will come

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