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On-Page SEO Services – Nowadays, every blogger wants his post to rank on the first page in the search engine to increase traffic on his website and become popular, but the question is How can we bring our website to the first page of the search engine?

There are two ways: (a) paid par click (It is a paid promotion) and (b) SEO services.

SEO services are two types on-page SEO and off-page SEO. In this article, we discuss only on-page SEO optimization in detail for beginners

Do you want to make your post keyword targeted, SEO-optimized, and derivative of maximum traffic and explain to the search engines better which keyword you have to rank for?

If your answer is yes, then read this article closely and carefully, because in this article we will discuss making our blog post keyword targeted.

Here we talk about on-page SEO optimization and share with you useful on-page SEO techniques that you should implement in the search engine optimization of your blog posts.

What is SEO Optimization?

What are SEO services in google blogger and their importance? This is the main question. By SEO, a website can become the first page of search engines.

If you know everything about SEO services, then you can easily do it for any website, if you don’t, then read this article,  by this method we can increase the organic ranking and website traffic. For this, use these SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO Services

There are two types of SEO services.

A. Off-page SEO Optimization

  • Sitemap – Through Sitemap, we give all information about our website to search engines, which improves the organic website ranking. XML file of sitemap is submitted to search engines console. Due to submitting its search engine crawlers visit your site to grab the information on SEO analysis.
  • Backlinks -If you want to rank a website or post to the search engine, the web page link has to be promoted on the Internet, this is off-page SEO, and promoted link is a backlink. It has included these activities like – article submission, blog creation, bookmarking, forum, SEO marketing in social media, gust posting, internet marketing, etc.
So do not confuse now with “on-page SEO” and “on-site SEO“.
“On-Site” comes to the optimization of all pages of the website, including the settings of sitemap and permalink structures, submit the website to top search engines, etc.

B. On-page SEO Services

In this technique, we optimize the content of any single blog post to rank it for a particular target keyword. Proper headings, keyword placement must be used and ensuring quality content and paying attention to other factors, and Local SEO optimization.

Why you should do On-Page Search Engine Optimization services?

When many beginner Google bloggers hear about on-page SEO of articles. They think this is the only factor for the blog or post rank. This is not only a factor but an essential factor.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a set of algorithms. Who sees your post well and finds various factors so that they can rank your articles for certain keywords. Now we have to help the search engine to identify what is in your blog post and your post should show the search engine for which keyword.

Why isn’t your website ranking on the first page of search engines?

There can be many reasons for this, but if you do not pay attention to SEO analysis, then this may be the biggest reason. So whenever we think about the SEO of a post or page, we have to follow some proven methods to rank our post in the search engine.

Nowadays, an article ranks in the Google search engine, it does not just look at the on-page SEO score. In addition, ranking posts take into account many other factors such as social media signals (share, likes, tweets, thus), backlinks, domain authority, and many other off-page metrics.

It should do on-page SEO optimization in a natural but smart way so that the search engine can easily select the target keyword and send traffic to your website.

Top 15 On-Page SEO Services Tips

There are 15 on-page SEO optimization tricks are given below to rank your article.

1. Keyword Research

It is a very important factor in it. Keywords research is nothing but the process of finding “high search volume keywords” related to your content that should need to put in your article for good traffic. Always choose low competition keywords for fast ranking. If you have a unique topic then you don’t need to do any keyword research. The best free keyword research tool that I use.

2. Blog Post Title

The title of the blog post is your first impression of the user, which is a very important on-page SEO optimization factor. The title of your blog post should be very attractive and descriptive (that describe your post in very few words) so that more and more users click on your post. Technically it does not longer than 60 characters.

In other words, the more are the click on your post, the better your ranking will be. You must enter your main keyword in the title(Title must start with keyword) of your post, on which the entire post has been written. So that the search engine can understand which particular keywords your post is based on.


1. Top 15 On-Page SEO Services For Google Blogger  (✔️) ⟶⟶ This is 100% good because I used here only 46 characters and three keywords  “on-page SEO“, “SEO services” and “google blogger

2.  Best On-Page SEO Tricks That Will Boost Your rank and Traffic and SEO Optimization  (✖️)⟶⟶ This is not a good title, although there used some keywords also but too long.

3. Post Permalink Structure

After optimizing the title of the post, the second most important thing is permalink. The permalink of the post should also be your main keyword. In other words, the permalink of your post should also contain your targeted keyword that is already used in a post title.


 1. (✔️)

2. (✖️)

4. Heading Tags

Heading tag is nothing else, just you use the headings while writing your posts like H1, H2, and H3. Heading tags are also impact in post SEO.

You need to use all types of headings in your competition for the article, it will definitely help you in the SEO rankings of your post.

Also, try to you use your main keyword and some other related keywords in the heading tags of your post.

5. Keyword Density

It is also not a very important factor, Which matters most is the quality of your content. However, if you are writing an article for a very targeted keyword,

then it would be good for you that you keep the keyword density around 1.5% by the main keyword and also use some other related keyword.

6. Meta Tags

which are Meta tags. These are nothing, but “search description” in Blogger and “meta description” on WordPress that provide some valuable information about your article to the search engine and user in short. It displays under the title and link of your site in the search engine results.
It is characterized by two important aspects. 

  • The first aspect is the keyword. You should use the main keyword in this description, it will definitely help you to get a good ranking for a particular keyword.
  • The second factor is CTR. Your meta description of your post should be as good as possible so that more and more people will click on your link, which will increase both ranking and traffic.

Make sure to use keywords in meta description/meta tags/search description in such a grammatical way that provides maximum information of your article and does not exceed 160 characters.

Example of search description:

1. Improve your SEO ranking  using top 15 on-page SEO services for google blogger and learn about SEO optimization, SEO analysis, etc.  (✔️)

2. SEO specialist, local SEO services, website optimization, professional SEO services, google search engine optimization, affordable SEO services, search optimization, best SEO services. (✖️)

7. Website Design and Speed

  The website design must be responsive. It is a template of a website that changes its size according to the display size. Nowadays, many users are coming from mobile platforms.
But some template of websites does not support mobile view and this is inconvenient for the user to get information from it. Google SEO never ranks such websites. So use only a Responsive template for a blog or website.
Along with this, the speed of your website should also be good. Speed is also a factor to rank your post. You can increase the speed of your website by optimizing a light template and images. Check your website speed here

8. Word Count Per Post

One more thing that is impacts the ranking of any post is the length of the article. It will be as long as possible. But for length don’t lose the quality of your content, which means the user doesn’t get bored. Its biggest example is Wikipedia.

You can see a good example of this on Wikipedia. All his articles are very long, that is, they have a very high word count per post. Hence, most of their rankings also remain at the first number.

9. Internal Linking

It is a link that connects to different pages of only one website. Internal linking is another very important factor. For example, you can see Wikipedia. It uses too much internal linking. So for good ranking, everyone should also do internal linking with the related words in their blog post.

10. External Linking

It is a link that connects pages of two different websites. For this, you can take the example of Wikipedia. You should also do external linking at various places in your article where necessary.

The advantage of this is that if your website gets linked with a good website, then your value will also increase in the eyes of search engines and your ranking will also help a lot.

Must Use Anchor Text:

It is a link text that is used as hyperlinks in web pages called anchor text. It is a backlink for a keyword which we are trying to rank in search engines, so we make this keyword a hyperlink. It is related to your website or another high-ranking website that defines this keyword.

Anchor Text

11. Write Quality Content

You should write your post in such a way that the user gets complete information for which he has come and stay connected with your page for maximum time.

For the SEO analysis of our posts, we only write posts keeping in mind the search engine optimization factors. But we should write taking care of our users as well. Always remember that you write posts for your users and not for search engines or google SEO.

12. Improve User Experience

Your website should be responsive and reduce broken links. Also, keep in mind that people who come to your site from search engines should spend maximum time on your website.
If they go back soon, the bounce rate of the site is increases and your website ranking will also fall quickly. You should use a profit-driven sub-title to make your post more engaging. Do not use inflammatory words in your articles at all. Take user feedback and improve.

13. Add Informative Multi-Media

Therefore you should write good content with increased tricks and the more you tell in your posts, the better it will be. To prevent readers from getting bored, use media in content.
You should also start putting videos and images in your blog posts. These will not only increase the amount of media on your page but also makes your posts more informative and content-rich.

14. Optimize Images

Nowadays people like to watch more than reading. Therefore, search engines have started improving the ranks of websites that use media. You should also use images and other media in each of your blog posts.

Also, if you use your target keywords in the ALT tag of images and their names, then you will have a definite advantage. When you use keywords in the image name make sure to separate words by a hyphen (-), not by space.

Also, use compressed images in your post so that you can improve your page speed. There are many online and offline image compression tools available. I use compress now online tools to compress my images.

15. Use Social Sharing Signals

Your website template must have forward social buttons otherwise, you can use external social buttons so that if a reader wants to share your post, they can share it.

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