Amazing Trick to Resume Failed or Expired Downloading With Android

Resume Any Failed or Expired Downloading With Android Mobile

Today, in this article you will learn how to Resume Failed or Expired Downloading with android mobile including video files also.

Are you worried about your data wasting due to failed downloading?
Whenever you download a big file, after some time, it shows the link expired or failed in the middle?

Are you not able to download any big file due to your per day data limit, because the file downloading for the next day shows failure?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this article is for you.

Today we will tell you about such a trick, with the help of which you can Resume failed or expired downloading with Android.

By the way, you must have already seen many such tricks, with the help of which you can resume the failed or linked expired downloading of any big file. But you must have also noticed that this trick works but this trick does not work on any video file.

In other words, whenever you try to apply this trick on a video file, this trick does not work.

So today we will tell you about such a cool trick with the help of which you can easily resume any video file, that too using only your mobile, yes only with the help of your mobile.

In this trick, we do not have to take the help of any PC in any way, you can just resume downloading the failed file of any of the biggest files. If you want to know this trick, then read this article completely. So let’s start.

Procedure to Resume Failed or Expired Downloading

Before proceeding with this trick we would like to tell you that for this we need an application called UC Browser Turbo. This application helps you, to resume the biggest failed downloads, whether it is a video file or a document file, or any application file.

You can download a similar UC Browser Turbo application from Play Store also, but we have also given below the download link for this. So let us go stepwise about how we need to resolve the biggest file failure by downloading this help from this application.  

Download UC Browser Turbo

1). First of all, we have to download the application and install it on our android phones.

2). Now whatever file we have to download or any file that fails, to resume the downloading, the condition for that is that we have to download that file with the help of this browser.

If the downloading of that file has failed in this browser or the link has expired, then only we can start the downloading of that file from there again. Otherwise, we cannot resume that file.

3). In the third step, we assume that you are downloading the file from the help of this browser and which has now failed or the link has expired, which you want to resume.

4). Now just click and hold this downloading and click on the share URL showing below. And don’t share this URL just copy it to the clipboard and click on the done button.

After this here you will see on failed downloading option for “Replace Link” and click on this and paste the link that you have copied before. Now click on the OK button and enjoy your downloading is started.

5). If the fourth step is not working, try 5th step. For this, you do not have to do anything, just go to the link from where you started this file for download.

It is a compulsion that you have to go to the same link otherwise you cannot resume that file. And copy the download link for this file and replace this same as the 4th step and enjoy.

Example, For Example, Resume Any Failed or Expired Downloading With Android

So let us show proof of this trick with the help of a good exam. For this, we will take the downloading of a video file and after its downloading fails, we will show it by starting the same with the help of this trick. So let’s start. 

1). As you can see in the screenshot, we had done the downloading of a video file which has now failed. We also tell the name of the file we want to talk about. Because you also see more downloading on the screen.

You can see the second number downloading which is an MP4 file. Which is a video file and now it has failed. We will resume the failed downloading of this file by our trick.

Resume Any Failed or Expired Downloading With Android Mobile

2). Now we will click on this downloading and hold it for a while and click on the “Share URL” button and copy the URL of this file. Here you will see the button named “Copy to Clipboard” along with the social buttons, we have to copy the URL by clicking on the same button.

Do not share this URL, just copy it. Then you will come back to the same downloading page by clicking on the Done button.

Resume Any Failed or Expired Downloading With Android Mobile

3). Now we have copied the URL of this file and now we have to replace it with the expired URL in the download. Now the option of “Replacement Link” in blue color is seen just in front of “Download Fail” on the screen. We will click on it and here it will ask to paste to replace the URL. We will replace the URL by pasting the URL here. We will click on the OK button. After this, our downloading will start again. It can be seen in the screenshot, it has started again.

4). We have used the 4th step procedure in this example. If you want, you can also use the 5th step procedure if the 4th procedure does not work on your smartphone. But the 5th step procedure will work 100%.

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