SEO Sevices Meta Description In Blogger Post with Best Example

Meta-Description-In-BloggerDo you want to write an SEO Meta Description In Blogger or search description for your post so that your post can appear in Google search quickly and get traffic to it?

Do you get confused with Search Description, Meta Destruction, and Meta Tags?
Even after writing all your efforts, your post is still unable to rank?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then this post is for you only.

There is no confusion in search description, meta description, and meta tags because there are plugins for things to lose on WordPress, but for those who use Google Blogger, there is always confusion between these terms. Keeps maintained.

If you also use Google Blogger, then perhaps this problem will be happening to you as well. Today, we will talk about meta destruction, search description, and meta tags only.

We will also show how we can put an SEO-friendly search description, meta description, and meta tags in our article so that our post will be ranked soon.

First, let us tell you that search description is only a part of “on-page SEO” and if you don’t know what is “SEO” and “on-page SEO” then you can see our old post, which we have Told very well. This link is given below and read this article first.

What is SEO and On-Page Seo for Google Blogger?

In today’s article, you will learn about meta description such as what is meta description in blogger posts and 6 tips for SEO meta description in blogger posts with examples. So let’s start.

What are search descriptions, meta tags and Meta Description In Blogger?

Let us tell you one thing that both meta description and search description are the same. It is also called meta description and also called search description.

In the language of Seo, we call search description meta description. So we do not have to confuse after today what is meta description is and what is search description is.

What are Meta Tags?

Now let’s talk about meta tags. You must have watched many videos to generate meta tags.

you may have added meta tags to your template by generating them from the procedure. If you have made this mistake, then soon, remove those meta tags from your template.

Because putting meta tags in HTML inside the theme means that each of your posts will rank only on certain particular keywords or tags you have given here.

In other words, this meta tag will be set automatically default for each of your posts. So that for each of your posts, only the descriptors and keywords with meta tags will crawl, whether it matches your post or not.

And it is not that you will write all your posts related to those tags which you have put in the meta tags template or the theme.

So let us show you an example. You can see in the screenshot below that we have also inserted the description inside the meta tags.

Meta Description In Blogger

And now if we do an SEO audit of any new or old post, then this themed meta description is crawl for each post. If you want to see the screenshot given below.

And if you also want to audit the website or post for free, then click here.

Meta Description In Blogger

And after that when you remove the meta tags from the HTML of your theme and do an SEO audit of any of your pages,

you will find that the search description that you gave while writing your post is crawled here for that particular post. Used to be.

Now we have basic knowledge about search Destruction, Meta Description, and Meta Tags. So let us now talk about how to add SEO-friendly search Destination to your blog.

Everyone adds a description to their post and website, but we will discuss a perfect search destination that is SEO-friendly.

What is a meta description in Google Blogger?

First of all, let me tell you one thing that if you are using Google Blogger then here you will get to see two search descriptions or meta descriptions.

1. Website Meta Description Or Search Description

One that you have to put in the basic and search preferences of your website, in which you have to describe your website.

Best Way to Generate Meta Tags and Submit Website In Search Engine

Here you have to use only 150 characters in this description or meta description. Here we are talking about characters, not talking about words. We only have to describe the website in 150 tractors. And in this description.

we have to insert as many keywords as possible related to our website. So that our website can also rank for these particular keywords.

Also, one thing we need to keep in our mind is that this description should be in grammatical order or in sentence form.

 Homepage Meta Description Example : 

LivelyFacts | Fun Facts And SEO services
Learn fun facts about google blogger SEO services and on-page SEO optimization. Make money online by android studio and interesting facts of backlinks.

2. Page Meta Description Or Search description

And the second description is what we put in the “search description” of any post while writing it. And we also call this search description meta description.

To make our search description SEO-friendly, we should keep the following points in mind.

1. Google meta description length

The most important thing to keep in our mind while writing the search description is that It should be of a maximum of 160 characters or less. If we use a large description then it is useless.

2. Provide more information about your article.

While using 160 characters in this search description, we have to give as much information as possible to Google search engine or crawler about which topic our article is related to.

It will help the crawler or search engine to understand your post better.

3. Must use your main keyword in this description.

We have to put the main keyword of our article in it while using 160 characters while writing the search description, for which keyword we want to rank our post.

And if possible, we should also insert some related keywords. It helps the search engine boats to understand that for what keyword we want to rank our post.

SEO description examples :
I). (✔️)Learn about search descriptions such as the search description in blogger posts and the benefits of search descriptions in blogger posts. 

 As you can see this is a good example of search description because in this we have used our main keywords “search description” and one alternate keyword “benefits of search description” in only 147 characters.

II). (✖️)Today in this article will be about some killer tips about meta description, which will help you rank your post in the google search engine.

So read this article completely to get this good information about search description to rank your post or website like a rocket.

 As you can see this is not a good example of search description because in this even we have used our main keywords “search description”  but I have 250+ characters which is not good for SEO.

5. Write in grammatically sentenced form.

This description must be written in the form of a grammatical sentence. Meaning that we should not violate the rules of grammar to provide as much information as possible.

If we don’t write this search description in grammatically sentenced from then google boats think that you are stuffing and ignore it. And then your post does not rank for any keyword.

6 Tips For SEO Meta Description In Blogger Post with Example
As you can see in the screenshot given above the 1st one is a good example of SEO meta description because here we used main and some other keywords also we have given a lot of information about our article in just 144 characters.
But the 2nd is a bad example because there are lots of errors such as keyword stuffing, very long description, and also not in grammatically sentenced form.

6. Use only particular keywords.

In this search description, we should use only those particular keywords about which some information is available in our article.

We should not use keywords that are related to the topic of our article, but no information is available about them in our article.

Not: We have been seen that some people try to put meta descriptions by picking some random lines from the post body.

This is completely wrong because some random lines can describe your post, they may not contain your targeted keywords and this may be cross the character limit of the SEO meta description.

So we recommended that if you really want to rank your post so please use maximum effort on your search description of your article. Use these 6 tips on your description because it will 100% work.

What are the benefits of a good search description in Blogger:

If we use a good search description for each of our articles, then we are going to get a lot of benefits which are written below.

1. This boosts our article’s “on-page SEO”.

2. It also helps to rank our posts on a particular targeted keyword.

3. It also increases our page CTR. Meaning that if your post is shown in Google search, then it also helps in getting maximum clicks on it.

Because this description appears under the title of the post as you can see below in the example and the more attractive it is, the more clicks you can get.

Meta Description Example meta-description-in-blogger-post

What is Seo Meta Description In Blogger Post
Here we will talk about meta description only such as what is meta description in a blogger post and how to write an SEO-friendly meta description.

Some FAQs About Meta Description In Blogger.

1. Does Google use meta keywords or meta descriptions to rank the page?

In fact, Google does not use the information of keyword meta tags or description meta tags to rank pages, but it uses only meta description text to create snippets in search pages.

Mattel We can say that the Google search engine does not use keyword tags in any way. The meta description helps Google understand your page about what this page is about.

2. What is Meta Description SEO?

We have already discussed this question above.

3. What is the difference between the meta description and search description in blogger?

In the language of SEO, it is called meta description and in blogger or simple language it is called search description

4. How many meta keywords should I use?

There is a lot of options to use meta keywords for your post. You can use your meta keywords in page title, search description, or meta description, in the article body, image name, alt tags, etc.

Make sure use your main targeted keyword will be everywhere also you can use alternate or related keywords somewhere from these places.

5. Are meta keywords important for SEO?

Earlier meta tags were an important part of this but Google realized that sites could easily “game” meta keyword fields with black-hat keyword stuffing, so Google created its new algorithm.

which now does not includes meta keywords as an important. Although no one has cracked this new algorithm yet,

so we can say that for a good on-page SEO you can pay attention to the quality of your content.

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