How Split Any Big Files With Android or PC

Split Any Big Files With Android Device or PC
In the event that you need to share Any huge document to your companion by means of the web utilizing any method(like whats-app, mail, FB, and so on). But is not possible or sufficient to share such a big file with your friend via the internet. But if you have small split parts of this file, can send it easily, and after this when all parts have been sent your friend can recombine these split parts of that file And he can make a unique file. And here we will discuss this trick how to split any file into small parts & Recombine again. For this, you need software named WinRar and I have given a link for Winrar Apk for Android and PC below. First Of all download and install WinRAR on your Android Device And PC. And then follow the given steps accurately and u can easily split and recombine any file.

What is the need to split a file? 

  • Save a big file in CD(Compact Disk) or DVD(Digital Video Disk). These disks have limited storage capacity. But you want to save a big like 32GB and above file in these disks. For this, there is one method to save these big files in disks by splitting them into parts. If you have small parts then a big file. These small parts are saved on multiple CDs or DVDs one by one. when you want them to recombine so save them in your computer all parts and recombine again.
    Social Media Share – If you want to share a big file on social media, you will not be able to share a file bigger than 100M. If you want to share a file whose size bigger than 100MB so you have to split it into parts that are smaller then 100MB. Now you can share these parts one by one and your friend download them and recombine them again.
  • Upload a big file on a cloud – If you want to upload a big file (like GTA V for a Computer that is 65GB) on a cloud it is a time-consuming process and it depends upon your network speed. But clouds do not give you resume support services that Your file uploading fails at 99%, then you will have to upload it again  If you split it into parts of 500Mb you can easily upload these big files and the user can download all parts and recombine them again.

How To Split Any Big File Without PC Using Ur Android:- 

  • First of all download and install the WinRAR apk on your Android from given below link.
  • Now open WinRAR like file manager chose any file that you want to split into parts, now select it by tick on the side square and then click on add file button from the menu
  • Now chose any Name And file format for parts.                                                            
  • After swipe left and go to the ‘Advance’ option, in this first chose any unit ( KB, MB, GB, etc) of part size after that type value of part size.                                                                          
  • Presently Click on the ok catch your handling will begin and after the total procedure, your document parts are made.                                                      

How To Recombine Split Parts With Android:-

  • First of all, put all the parts in one folder.
  • And extract anyone all the parts will be extracted automatically. Presently your unique file is made.
The most effective method to Split Any huge record with Pc:-

  • First of all, chose the file that u want to split.
  • Now Right Click this file and click On Add to archive.
  • Now a new window is opened And in general, the column chose Archive name, Format, Dictionary size, and any compression method.                                                  
  • Now in the split to volumes, the size box first chose a unit of the part and then types any size in numerical.
  • And now click on the OK button And Your processing will start And after complete processing ur parts will be created.  

How to Recombine split parts with your computer:-

  • First of all, put all the parts in one folder.
  • And extract anyone all the parts will be extracted automatically. And now your original file is created.
Download Link: Winrar Apk

Download Link: Winrar for PC

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