What Are Sitemap and Its benefits for Blogger SEO

What Is Sitemap and Its benefits

Learn what is sitemap and how to create a sitemap for a google blogger. How to submit sitemap to search engine. Benefits of sitemap in website ranking.
You are a blogger? If you have a blog or website so you must know all about sitemap. Also, you know about what are the importance and necessities of sitemap. It is essential for you because it gives navigation to the visitor of your blog. It shows a visitor which post is where categorized and what is the root of this post. It also tells about all of the posts and pages where they are placed. If you are not a professional on the website and want traffic on your site. This post is for you because here you know all about sitemap.

What is Sitemap?

It is a list of pages and posts of a website or blog. It is an XML file that uploads to the root directory of the site. It is like a roadmap. It is the navigation system of a blog for posts and pages which describe where a particular post or page is located in a blog.
Three types of sitemap are discussed here:


1. Designer Sitemap

One is that is used during the planning of the design of a website or blog. like Templates of the website.

2. HVL (Human Visible Listings)

It is a list of pages and posts of a website. It is created on the website for navigation of posts. For the creation of HVL Sitemap.

3). Structure Listings:

This is the third and important type because this is used for search engines.  Structure listings are submitted in search engines or web crawlers. After submitting web crawlers monitor your blog and rank it top as well as possible.


Benefits of Sitemap

  1. It gives navigation to visitors for posts on the website.
  2. It is used to give ranking to your blog in search engines. If you want your blog to post top rank in a search engine, submit a sitemap to the search engine.
  3. It is used for designing a bog.

How to generate a sitemap for google?

  1. Click this Sitemap Generator tool.
  2. On the next page paste your blogger site URL and click on generate sitemap button.
  3. Now you will see some HTML coding on the next page. This is your sitemap for bloggers.
  4. Now upload this HTML code to your blogger site. Copy this code, log in to your

    blogger, navigate to settings>>search preferences, and enable custom robots. txt. In custom, robot.txt paste sitemap HTML code and save.

How to create a sitemap for a website other than a blogger?

  1. Click this Sitemap Generator tool.
  2. In the next step paste your website URL inbox and click on a Start button. After processing, click on the view sitemap details button. 
  3. Now you can download the XML file on the next page by clicking on Download your sitemap XML file button. This is a sitemap for your website.
  4. Now upload this XML file to your website. Once you have downloaded the XML file, you will want to upload it into your document root. This will be your public_html folder if the Sitemap is for your primary domain. If it’s for an Add-on Domain, place it in the document root for that Add-on domain (usually a folder under public_html with the same name as the Add-on domain). To upload your Sitemap, access your Cpanel File manager or FTP client.

How to submit Sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing, and others?

  1. Submit to Google go to Google Search Console and log in with your Gmail account.



2. Now click on your website in the sidebar. If your website URL is not shown here. First, click on add site properties and paste site URL here now click submit button.

 3. In the sidebar click the sitemap button and complete the sitemap URL. 

Note: A domain property will not show the domain for the field. Please use the full sitemap URL without the domain URL of your site.

  1. Now click on Submit Button
  2. Note: One sitemap was only used for 500 posts after this submit the second sitemap

Now your Sitemap is submitted and after being approved by the search engine your website or blog is ranked. submit this to all popular search engines.


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